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UCR students dress for success, for free

A CBS affiliate features the R'Career Closet, an initiative to provide interview clothes for students. 
UCR in the News

Image of the Day: Gnashers

The Scientist |
UC Riverside researcher David Kisailus' research on fully mineralized chiton teeth, the hardest of all known biominerals, is featured along with a UCR-produced video.
UCR in the News

Air quality is another reason not to cough at climate change

Grist |
A new UCR study asserts that the dry conditions predicted in many areas due to climate change could also contribute to increased aerosols, which are unhealthy, solid particles suspended in the air.
UCR in the News

Our Messy Origins

Radio Browser |
UCR anthropology professor Sang-Hee Lee takes issue with the notion of a definable point of origin for human beings. 
UCR in the News

Program helps foster youth graduate college

Spectrum News 1 |
Spectrum News 1 features grad student Brandy Taylor, who found stability and purpose in UCR's Guardian Scholars program. After receiving her undergraduate degree at UCR, she is now working toward her MBA.