February 19, 2020

Chancellor's L.A. Times op-ed broaches fever to abolish SATs

Author: UCR News
February 19, 2020

Kim Wilcox
Chancellor Kim Wilcox

In May, the University of California Regents are expected to decide whether standardized tests remain part of the undergraduate admissions process systemwide. Recently, a faculty task force recommended keeping the tests as part of the process, at least until a better quantitative measure can be developed. But that leaves the matter far from resolved, with two UC chancellors, the UC system's provost, and some regents asserting the tests are biased and should be eliminated. 

In an op-ed published in the Feb. 18 L.A. Times, UCR Chancellor Kim Wilcox scrutinizes the reasoning to abolish the SATs, asserting the disparity in how high school grades are administered could present an even greater problem. Follow this link to read the op-ed:

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