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Spring 2023

The Lost Horse Valley vacation property in Joshua Tree


The American Dream at the Edge of the Earth

A comprehensive survey of private land ownership in Joshua Tree National Park by three UCR historians shines light on the invisible spaces and stories that lie beyond the park’s main drag.

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A Love Letter to Riverside with Ron Loveridge


A Love Letter to Riverside

Ron Loveridge, UCR’s longest-serving professor, has dedicated his career in education and politics to creating a better Riverside.

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Tuning in Again to Psychedelics with Sonja Lyubomirsky


Tuning in Again to Psychedelics

Sonja Lyubomirsky, a leading expert on social connection, wants further research on MDMA’s therapeutic benefits.

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From the Ground Up with Creiselda Terpoorten (left) and Amanda Soto


From the Ground Up

Celebrating five years on campus, UCR’s Underground Scholars are building on the program’s mission to form a prison-to-school pipeline.

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Katayoon Dehesh


Nevertheless, She Persisted

Once forced to flee her homeland, Katayoon Dehesh is now dedicated to advocating for women in science worldwide.

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By the Numbers - UCR’s Regional Economic Impact



Regional Economic Impact

A look at UCR’s role in the economic growth of the Inland Empire.

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Office Hours with Jonathan Realmuto



A Soft Spot for Robots

Jonathan Realmuto is building soft robots to aid children with disabilities.

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Highlander Highlight - Nadia Witt



Keeping Her Eye on the Ball

For graduate student Nadia Witt, softball is more than just a game.

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Alumni Profile of David Lick



The Rocket Scientist

Studying at UCR helped launch David Lick’s career in aerospace.

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Preview images of featured books



Page Turners

A look at recently published works by UCR faculty, staff, and alumni.

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Student Spotlight of Kevin Karami



Kevin Karami

Kevin Karami, host of the “Policy Chats” podcast, is shooting his shot.

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Remembrances of alumni, faculty, and staff included in the spring 2023 issue of UCR Magazine.


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