LA Times executive editor is Hays Lecture Series speaker

Kevin Merida, executive editor of the Los Angeles Times, will be the speaker at the 54th Hays Press-Enterprise Lecture at UC Riverside. The May 9 lecture will be in person, on campus for the first time in three years. Merida, 66, took the helm of the largest newsgathering organization in...

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UC Riverside gets $3.8 million grant to support student-parents

UC Riverside’s Early Childhood Services, or ECS, and Women’s Resource Center, or WRC, have received a $3.8 million grant through the Child Care Access Means Parents in School Program, or CCAMPIS. The grant is offered by the U.S. Department of Education to support the participation of low-income student-parents in postsecondary...

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Even Sonoran Desert plants aren’t immune to climate change

In North America’s hottest, driest desert, climate change is causing the decline of plants once thought nearly immortal and replacing them with shorter shrubs that can take advantage of sporadic rainfall and warmer temperatures.

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Surprise effect: Methane cools even as it heats

Most climate models do not yet account for a new UC Riverside discovery: methane traps a great deal of heat in Earth’s atmosphere, but also creates cooling clouds that offset 30% of the heat.

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New Vice Provost & Dean of Graduate Studies named

Lidia Kos has been named UC Riverside’s next vice provost & dean of graduate studies, or VPDGS, effective July 15, 2023.

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Without this, plants cannot respond to temperature

UC Riverside scientists have significantly advanced the race to control plant responses to temperature on a rapidly warming planet. Key to this breakthrough is miRNA, a molecule nearly 200,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair.

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Hunting Venus 2.0: Scientists sharpen their sights

With the first paper compiling all known information about planets like Venus beyond our solar system, scientists are the closest they’ve ever been to finding an analog of Earth’s “twin.”

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Why the NBA is seeking technology built by UCR students and alumni

EDGE Sound Research, co-founded by a student and an alum, was one of seven companies from around the world selected for the NBA Launchpad program.

UC Riverside is No. 1 for retaining Pell Grant freshmen

A report from The Chronicle of Higher Education gives UC Riverside a No. 1 ranking in freshmen retention rates. UCR is ranked alongside 24 other campuses nationwide that lead the charge in serving low-income students. Like other rankings that have meaningful underpinnings, the list is nuanced. The ranking is found...

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Researcher-community partnership uses collaborative process to yield novel insights

Until recently, psychologist Kalina Michalska had never used community-based participatory research, or CBPR, in her work, but now she can’t imagine not using it. CBPR, which dates to the early 1930s, is an intensive research approach that involves partnerships between researchers and community members throughout the research process, giving communities...

Humans bite back by deactivating mosquito sperm

New UC Riverside research makes it likely that proteins responsible for activating mosquito sperm can be shut down, preventing them from swimming to or fertilizing eggs.

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Capturing heavier rains in an era of drought

UC Riverside public policy professor Kurt Schwabe was just awarded a Fulbright Distinguished Chair Fellowship to collaborate with Australian scientists to better capture and store runoff water as the planet warms.

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UCR environmental engineers to referee California’s big rig truck emission regulation

They won’t be wearing vivid black and white striped shirts, but they could. University of California, Riverside, environmental engineers will soon serve as referees in California’s drive for big rig trucks to meet the state’s tailpipe emission standards. The referee program will provide testing services for vehicles potentially operating with...

California Museum of Photography turns 50

The California Museum of Photography has been documenting history, art, and community for 50 years. Its collection of cameras, photographs, and art will be on display at “CMP at 50,” a five-month celebration that kicks off Saturday, March 18, 2023. The anniversary reception is set for April 15, 6 p.m...

California study finds that growing political conflict hinders learning and increases hostility

A new analysis by researchers at UC Riverside and UCLA shows that even in blue state California, political attacks on public schools are pervasive and growing, hindering learning and the role schools play in a diverse democracy. Political division and community-level conflict is negatively impacting student interactions, and many California...

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UCR professor launches Emotion and Society Lab

New lab is a multi-disciplinary effort that involves faculty from around the world.

A Highlander DREAMer's dilemma

Gabriela Martinez is nervous about her trip to Washington D.C. Not because she’s going to be in the same building as the President of the United States. Nah, it isn't that. She’s nervous because this trip to the 2023 State of the Union, or SOTU, is the same week as...

Study examines straight men and their sexual attraction to transgender women

An analysis of online Reddit conversations also revealed a paradox: the same men devalue both trans and cisgender women.

Celebrity sightings have a built-in contradiction

UC Riverside research helps explain a tradeoff in human behavior

Women on corporate boards increase company buyout value

The presence of women board members increased the value of companies targeted for acquisition by as much as 5%, study found.

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