Virtual village can empower vulnerable groups of people

UC Riverside-led study focused on older people living with HIV during the pandemic

By Iqbal Pittalwala | | Health

Prescribed burns encourage foul-smelling invaders

Though prescribed burns reduce wildfire threats and even improve habitat for some animals, new research shows these fires also spread stinknet, an aptly named weed currently invading superblooms across the Southwestern U.S.

Countdown to Commencement 2023

For the first time ever, the University of California, Riverside’s class of 2023 will commence at one of two locations. Graduates will either walk across an on-campus stage at the Student Recreation Center or an off-campus stage at Toyota Arena. The latter was announced during the fall in response to...

By Malinn Loeung | | Students, University

Are Earth and Venus the only volcanic planets? Not anymore.

Imagine an Earth-sized planet that’s not at all Earth-like. Half this world is locked in permanent daytime, the other half in permanent night, and it’s carpeted with active volcanoes. Astronomers have discovered that planet. The planet, named LP 791-18d, orbits a small red dwarf star about 90 light years away...

Bringing the debt ceiling down to our level

Much ado about the debt ceiling the past couple months. As the issue plays on (and on and on) in the news cycle, a reset is in order. Let's get to the nuts and bolts of an issue that — believe it or don't — can be understood even by...

Classical repertoire celebrates Spanish, Latin American music

UC Riverside’s Orchestra has weekend performances focusing on Spanish and Latin American music, featuring soprano Patricia Caicedo. The May 20-21 concerts called “Canción con todos” (“A Song With Everyone”) are open to the public. General entrance tickets are $10; $8 for seniors and students; and $6 for children. Performances will...

UCR in top 1.3% of world universities

UC Riverside ranked in the top 1.3% of universities worldwide in the 2023 Center for World University Rankings, released Monday, May 15. The campus ranked No. 252 out of 20,531 institutions. Nationally, UCR landed at No. 82 and for the U.S. and Canada it was No. 92. The rankings are...

By Imran Ghori | | University

UC Riverside secures Athletics program partnership, with BSN Sports, Nike

UC Riverside Athletics has entered into a new five-year agreement with Nike and BSN SPORTS, Director of Athletics, Wesley Mallette, announced today, Thursday, May 11, 2023. As part of the partnership agreement, BSN SPORTS will be UC Riverside Athletics’ official provider of apparel, footwear and other equipment needs. The partnership...

By UCR News | | Athletics

School of Medicine ranked No. 5 for diversity

Recognition validates many signature diversity efforts of the medical school

By Iqbal Pittalwala | | University

Ernest "Ernie" García, UCR’s first Hispanic graduate, dies

García, class of 1955, made positive impacts as an educator and as an arts lover.

Women's golfer becomes first-ever at NCAA championships

Tiffany Le just keeps piling the accomplishments onto an already historic year. The sophomore punched her ticket to the NCAA Championships at Grayhawk Golf Club in Scottsdale, Ariz., on Wednesday after shooting a 66 (-6) in round three of the Pullman Regional at the Palouse Ridge, finishing third overall while...

By Alex Crook | | Athletics, Students

Older adults are more easily distracted

While engaged in a physical task requiring effort, such as driving a car or carrying grocery bags, older adults are more likely than younger adults to be distracted by items irrelevant to the task at hand, a University of California, Riverside, study reports. The study assessed the interaction between physical...

Earth’s first animals had particular taste in real estate

Even without body parts that allowed for movement, new UC Riverside research shows — for the first time — that some of Earth’s earliest animals managed to be picky about where they lived.

Breaking the heat barrier of computer innovation

As our computers and other electronic devices become faster and more powerful, they are coming closer to an undeniable physical limitation: heat generated by the electrons that carry information as they move through semiconductors. “Making heat is a fundamental limit that will prevent the further development of electronic devices. So...

Black mermaids, history, and spirituality

Jalondra Davis, UC Riverside’s mermaid expert, speaks on the upcoming film “The Little Mermaid,” Black mermaid lore, and the historical components of this sea goddess.

Stepped-up U.S. military aid doesn't equal U.S.-Russia war

Images that circulated recently depict drones blowing up over Red Square in Moscow. As part of its response, a Russian official said, “decisions about such actions and such terrorist acts are made not in Kyiv, but in Washington,” leading many to ask what the Russian retaliation will look like. The...

AI programs consume large volumes of scarce water

UCR study the first time estimates the huge water footprint from running artificial intelligence queries that rely on the cloud computations done in racks of servers that must be kept cool in warehouse-sized data processing centers.

By David Danelski | | Science / Technology

Australian fossil goldmine opens permanently

Land where a UC Riverside paleontology professor unearthed whole communities of Earth’s oldest animals is opening today to the public as a new national park in the Australian Outback.

By Jules Bernstein | | Science / Technology

Forced water-use cuts made California more waterwise

Water use ticked up in California after the state lifted mandatory water-use cuts, but not levels before 2013 because of increased water efficiencies.

Stu Krieger publishes new book, ‘Raft’

It’s a laugh-out-loud fictional novel about a family with a patriarch that suddenly woke up in the body of a penguin.