Bringing the debt ceiling down to our level

Much ado about the debt ceiling the past couple months. As the issue plays on (and on and on) in the news cycle, a reset is in order. Let's get to the nuts and bolts of an issue that — believe it or don't — can be understood even by...

Older adults are more easily distracted

While engaged in a physical task requiring effort, such as driving a car or carrying grocery bags, older adults are more likely than younger adults to be distracted by items irrelevant to the task at hand, a University of California, Riverside, study reports. The study assessed the interaction between physical...

Stepped-up U.S. military aid doesn't equal U.S.-Russia war

Images that circulated recently depict drones blowing up over Red Square in Moscow. As part of its response, a Russian official said, “decisions about such actions and such terrorist acts are made not in Kyiv, but in Washington,” leading many to ask what the Russian retaliation will look like. The...

Barbara Fried: Meet The Boys in the Boat and Billy Strings

Sam Bankman-Fried (aka, S.B.F.), is a cryptocurrency CEO accused of duping more than a million investors. John Martin Fischer is a UC Riverside philosophy professor who is a world-leading expert on free will and moral responsibility. Fischer's ruminations on near-death experiences have been consumed by millions in his writings and...

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Older adults may achieve same cognition as undergrads

A set of recent studies demonstrates for the first time that learning multiple new tasks carries benefits for cognition long after the learning has been completed. The finding affirms a long-held assertion of the lead researcher, Rachel Wu, who is an associate professor of psychology at UC Riverside. That is...

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Poverty is the 4th greatest cause of U.S. deaths

Poverty has long been linked to shorter lives. But just how many deaths in the United States are associated with poverty? The number has been elusive – until now. A University of California, Riverside, (UCR) paper published Monday, April 17, in the Journal of the American Medical Association associated poverty...

One year later: Surprises, disappointments in Ukraine war

This is a partial reprint from a UC Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation, or IGCC, retrospective on Russia's war in Ukraine. The retrospective featured UC Riverside faculty members Paul D'Anieri and Jana Grittersova, among other experts from the UC system. D’Anieri, a political scientist, is author of "Ukraine and...

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One of every six autistic children are expelled from daycare

University of California, Riverside, study found that 16% of autistic children of surveyed parents were expelled from daycares resulting in more problems for them in elementary school.

Researcher-community partnership uses collaborative process to yield novel insights

Until recently, psychologist Kalina Michalska had never used community-based participatory research, or CBPR, in her work, but now she can’t imagine not using it. CBPR, which dates to the early 1930s, is an intensive research approach that involves partnerships between researchers and community members throughout the research process, giving communities...

California study finds that growing political conflict hinders learning and increases hostility

A new analysis by researchers at UC Riverside and UCLA shows that even in blue state California, political attacks on public schools are pervasive and growing, hindering learning and the role schools play in a diverse democracy. Political division and community-level conflict is negatively impacting student interactions, and many California...

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UCR professor launches Emotion and Society Lab

New lab is a multi-disciplinary effort that involves faculty from around the world.

Study examines straight men and their sexual attraction to transgender women

An analysis of online Reddit conversations also revealed a paradox: the same men devalue both trans and cisgender women.

Celebrity sightings have a built-in contradiction

UC Riverside research helps explain a tradeoff in human behavior

A Highlander DREAMer's dilemma

Gabriela Martinez is nervous about her trip to Washington D.C. Not because she’s going to be in the same building as the President of the United States. Nah, it isn't that. She’s nervous because this trip to the 2023 State of the Union, or SOTU, is the same week as...

Confronting anti-vaccine activism with life-saving narratives

Health officials, public policymakers and community leaders should team up to disseminate accurate narratives about the life-saving benefits of vaccines.

Grants to assess the needs of California’s Asian American and Pacific Islander populations

The AAPI Data program at the University of California, Riverside, announced on Feb. 28 the awarding of $1.1 million in grants to research teams at five University of California campuses to probe the needs of Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders in California, and to provide a set of...

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Researcher honored for work in English language learner education

The James Irvine Foundation recognized Linda Navarrette as one of six change-makers in California.

Korean American history to become a traveling exhibition

UCR professor receives $850,000 Mellon Foundation grant to share history of American’s first Koreatown.

UCR report explores consequences of high cost housing in the Inland Empire

A report released by the University of California, Riverside, probes Inland Southern California's high rates for cost-burdened households and details the consequences. Entitled “Housing and Sustainability in the Inland Region: Affordability, Equity, and Changing Demographics,” the report cites research that found 41.5% of the households in the region are cost-burdened...

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Gun violence pressures elected officials to make reforms

With three mass shooting within a week leaving 24 Californians dead, public policy makers are searching for answers. • Six people on Jan. 16 were found fatally shot inside a home in the Central Valley community of Goshen, Calif., in a case police believe could be tied to organized crime...

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