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Scientists Predict Wuhan's Outbreak Will Get Much Worse

Brandon Brown from UCR's School of Medicine weighs in on coronavirus predictions. Researchers predict there will be 190,000 cases in Wuhan, China, within two weeks.
Wired | January 24, 2020

In Search of Los Angeles Magic: Retracing Weetzie Bat’s Steps with Francesca Lia Block

Literary Hub speaks with the author Francesca Lia Block, who is currently a student in UC Riverside's Palm Desert low-residency MFA program. 
Literary Hub | January 22, 2020

Lunar New Year is a mix of old and new traditions, and growing diversity at public celebrations

Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Diversity Officer Mariam B. Lam and Deborah Wong, a professor of ethnomusicology, discuss Lunar New Year traditions. 
Orange County Register | January 18, 2020

Think universities are making lots of money from inventions? Think again

An article in The Hechinger Report spotlights the spike in patents at UC Riverside, even as universities nationwide struggle to realize a return on their research investments. Brian Suh, director of UCR's Office of Technology Partnerships, points to the availability of university-affiliated proof-of-concept money as a reason.
The Hechinger Report | January 17, 2020

How Pit Bull Rescue Reflects Social Inequality

NPR affiliate KVCR speaks with Katja Guenther, an associate professor of gender and sexuality studies, about her experiences with and insight into pit bull rescue. 
KVCR | January 13, 2020

There are at least 4 different ways of aging, scientists say

Assistant Professor of Psychology Rachel Wu comments on a new study that points to multiple ways of aging. 
NBC News | January 13, 2020

Could Democrats’ path to White House run through Inland Empire?

The Press-Enterprise cites reports by UC Riverside's Center for Social Innovation as evidence of the Inland Empire's growing political influence. 
The Press-Enterprise | January 13, 2020

Newsom’s budget boosts UC Riverside medical school funding

The new budget allocates another $25 million a year to boost enrollment at the School of Medicine and tackle the Inland Empire’s chronic doctor shortage.
The Press-Enterprise | January 10, 2020

Hotter, Drier, and on Fire: Will the IE Still Be Livable in 2100?

Kurt Schwabe, a professor of environmental economics and policy, speaks with Emily Guerin of NPR affiliate KPCC about the livability of the Inland Empire in the face of climate change.
KPCC | January 9, 2020

It’s Cold Outside, but Earth Is at Its Closest Approach to the Sun

Research by Stephen Kane, an associate professor of planetary astrophysics, is featured in an article about Earth's orbit around the sun, as well as the orbits of neighboring exoplanets. 
The New York Times | January 2, 2020

Patricia Cardoso is the first Latina director in the National Film Registry

The "Real Women Have Curves" director is a professor in UCR's Department of Theatre, Film, and Digital Production. 
NBC News | January 2, 2020

Grades vs. SAT scores: Which is a better predictor of college success?

At UC Riverside, the Los Angeles Times' Teresa Watanabe writes, the most successful students had both high high-school GPAs and high test scores. But those with equally high grades and lower test scores weren’t far behind.
Los Angeles Times | December 22, 2019

Tsunami of young and Latino voters in the Inland Empire shows heightened civic engagement, researchers say

A new report from UCR's Center for Social Innovation has found that voting among younger and Latino voters in Riverside and San Bernardino counties has surged over the past five years.
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin | December 20, 2019

Abolishing Private Prisons Is a Start, But It Will Not End Mass Incarceration

In an op-ed, sociology graduate student Matthew Byrne discusses new criminal legal legislation greenlit by California Gov. Gavin Newsom in October — and why private prisons are merely a symptom, not the cause of mass incarceration.  
Truthout | December 20, 2019

What’s with those little seedless holiday tangerines?

American Public Media's Marketplace, broadcast on National Public Radio affiliates around the U.S., features Givaudan Citrus Variety Collection curator Tracy Kahn in a segment about tangerines, also know as mandarins or clementines. 
Marketplace | December 19, 2019

How to be more efficient: stop ‘precrastinating’

David Rosenbaum, a distinguished professor of psychology, explains how "precrastination," the tendency to rush too quickly into tasks even at the expense of extra effort, can be just as detrimental as procrastination. 
BBC | December 19, 2019

It Hurts to Sit on This Sloped Toilet for More Than 5 Minutes. That's the Point.

Dr. George Saffouri, a gastroenterologist in the the UCR School of Medicine, comments on the design of a new sloped toilet. 
Popular Mechanics | December 19, 2019

Why Walmart Secret Santas give — and why we love them for it

Anonymous holiday giving has its benefits, according to Sonja Lyubomirsky, a distinguished professor of psychology.
Yahoo | December 18, 2019

'We Don't Want To Lose This Generation' — The Push To Get Native American Students To SoCal Colleges

UCR is named as one of several universities working to increase Native student enrollment in the region. 
LAist | December 17, 2019

Why Do I Want To Eat Baby Yoda?

One writer finds a strange proclivity has something to do with a phenomenon called "cute aggression."
Delish | December 13, 2019