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Electronic Veterinarians To Monitor Honeybee Health, Sniff Out Hive Problems

Entomologist Boris Baer and UCR spokesperson Jules Bernstein talk about a new effort to save honeybees, and how the bees' health is linked to our own.
Forbes | January 22, 2021

Delicious and Disease-free: Scientists Attempting New Citrus Varieties

Botanist Chandrika Ramadugu is leading work funded by a $4.67 million grant from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture. The project will attempt to breed new citrus fruits that are delicious and resistant to Huanglongbing, a deadly citrus disease.

Most college athletes can’t accept brand sponsorships or deals. That could soon change.

Eddie Comeaux, associate professor and executive director of the Center for Athletes’ Rights and Equity, talks about the right of student athletes to earn money.
Vox | January 21, 2021

Pandemic, politics, racial conflicts are all doing a number on kids’ mental health. How parents can help

Aerika Brittian Loyd, a developmental psychologist and director of the Youth Health and Development Lab, says it's important to watch for signs of how kids are feeling since they may not be able to articulate or express their emotions.
KCRW | January 20, 2021

After the Loss of a Child, How Does Life Go On?

Review of a new memoir by Emily Rapp Black, assistant professor of creative writing.
The New York Times | January 19, 2021

Korean Americans who remember 1992 riots fight to save LAPD station

Edward Chang, a Korean American professor of ethnic studies, talks about the need for different groups in Los Angeles to respect each others' needs.
The Los Angeles Times | January 19, 2021

Rare 'super-Earth' discovered orbiting one of the oldest stars in the Milky Way Galaxy

Planetary astrophysicist Stephen Kane helped discover a rare "super-Earth" orbiting one of the oldest stars in the Milky Way.
Houston Chronicle | January 19, 2021

Why Was the Pyramid of the Sun Built?

Anthropologist Nawa Sugiyama who has excavated beneath the pyramid, suggests the rulers who commissioned the structure wielded a large degree of power.
Discover Magazine | January 19, 2021

Twins With Covid Help Scientists Untangle the Disease’s Genetic Roots

Virologist Juliet Morrison explains that the amount of coronavirus a person takes in may have an impact on the severity of disease.
The New York Times | January 18, 2021

2021's Best State Capitals for Safety & More

Political science Professor Ronald Loveridge on the factors benefits and drawbacks of major cities.
WalletHub | January 18, 2021

Children are the next frontier for COVID vaccine clinical trials

Brigham C. Willis, senior associate dean for medical education and professor of pediatrics, says it's a mistake to minimize how sick kids get with COVID.
Orange County Register | January 17, 2021

As avocado crops face serious threat, team of scientists trying to save orchards

Patricia Manosalva, assistant professor of microbiology and plant pathology, is leading an effort to save America's avocado orchards from lethal threats.
ABC10 News San Diego | January 14, 2021

Garden of Hope

Research by Cesunica Ivey, an assistant professor of chemical and environmental engineering, found that San Bernardino residents had higher median exposures to lung-damaging fine particulate matter in their homes than study participants from other cities.
Grist | January 13, 2021

Rocky 'super-Earth' planet spotted orbiting one of the Milky Way's oldest stars

Planetary astrophysicist Stephen Kane helped discover an extremely hot, rocky 'super Earth.'
Space.com | January 12, 2021

'Super Earth': NASA discovers 10B year-old planet unlike any other in deep space

Planetary astrophysicist Stephen Kane helped discover a rocky 'super Earth' that orbits its star twice for every Earth day.
Fox News | January 12, 2021

Scientists developing electronic honeybee 'veterinarians'

Entomologist Boris Baer and UC Riverside are leading a new network of honeybee researchers at four UC campuses that are developing novel solutions to keep honeybees alive and pollinating our food.
Morning Ag Clips | January 11, 2021

Is It Really Too Late to Learn New Skills?

Neuroscientist Rachel Wu and her study co-authors propose six factors that they think are needed to sustain cognitive development, which tend to be less present in people’s lives as they enter young adulthood and as they grow old.
The New Yorker | January 11, 2021

Local Efforts To Save The Honey Bee

Entomologist Boris Baer is leading a new alliance of four UC campuses in an effort to prevent and reverse honey bee colony collapse.
LAist | January 10, 2021

To Adapt 'After The Rain,' Artists Cross All Kinds Of Boundaries

NPR reviews media and cultural studies Professor John Jennings' new graphic novel.
National Public Radio | January 10, 2021

U.C. Riverside Teams Up to Reverse Honeybee Decline

Entomologist Boris Baer is leading one of the nation’s largest research initiatives to reverse a decline in honeybees which threatens food crops and prices.
KVCR | January 9, 2021