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Scientists Discover New Trigger for Mass Extinction of All Deep Ocean Life

Vice |
A UCR-led study of ocean currents spanning 540 million years, the largest timeframe ever for a study of this kind, shed light on the impact of continental configurations in ocean oxygen circulation. The results revealed that the position of continents can cut off the oxygen supply to the deep sea, sparking mass die-offs in these habitats.
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Perspectives in Black Health: No One is Going to Save Us, We Must Save Ourselves

The IE Voice |
Director of Community Engagement and Outreach for the Center for Healthy Communities at UCR, Michelle Burroughs, created a film to encourage people to take charge of their health by becoming active participants. She also hopes it will change the narrative from emphasizing health disparities and disproportionality to highlighting how the Black community can forge health equity and empowerment. 
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Formosan Termites Confirmed in Two New Southern California Locations

Pest Control Technology |
Formosan subterranean termites, a non-native species, continue to be on the radar of pest management professionals in Southern California following confirmation of two more infestations – confirmed by Dr. Chow-Yang Lee and researchers from his lab at UCR's Department of Entomology. 
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As More People Use Cannabis, Doctors Need to Learn How to Diagnose and Treat Cannabis Allergies

Medscape |
Senior Associate Dean of Research at UCR's School of Medicine, David Lo, comments on the need for clinicians need to learn how to diagnose and manage cannabis allergies.
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Does Palm Springs have a windy season? And are windstorms becoming stronger?

Desert Sun |
Though Palm Springs does have a windy season, William Porter, assistant professor of atmospheric dynamics and modeling, hasn't seen a trend over the past 10 years toward increasingly big windstorms.
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Campus program for Latine students expands to UC Riverside

The Daily Californian |
The Daily Californian interviews Laura McGeehan, director of academic preparation, recruitment and outreach with UCR's Graduate Division regarding the program that will allow more Latine students to conduct environmental research at UCR.
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The Coronavirus Has One Strategy We Can’t Vaccinate Against

The Atlantic |
As new coronavirus variants arise, they may be steadily improving their ability to resist interferons, our bodies' immune defense system. However, UCR Virologist Juliet Morrison explains that there's likely a ceiling to how interferon-resistant the coronavirus can become. 
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Officials drafting plan for oak-killing beetle in San Bernardino National Forest

Victorville Daily Press |
Mark Hoddle, director of UCR’s Center of Invasive Species Research, says a certain beetle has been ruinous to the Cleveland National Forest northeast of San Diego, where dead trees increased the risk of fire, limbs dropping and resulted in the closure of hiking trails and campsites.