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Plans to change incentives for rooftop solar draw backlash

Orange County Register |
Research engineer Sadrul Ula weighs in on proposals to reduce incentives for new solar panel users.
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In Light Of UC Vaccine Requirement, LA County Indoor Mask Mandate, Exploring The Potential For Vaccine Verification

Richard Carpiano, professor of public policy, discusses what a future COVID verification system might look like.
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In California, a new strategy to fight grapevine-killing bacteria

Salon |
Entomologist Matt Daugherty studies Pierce's disease, a sickness that has destroyed tens of thousands of acres of grapevines. He said populations of an insect that spreads the disease remained low until the insects developed a resistance to pesticide.
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Blue Origin record-breaking rocket launch just brought Jeff Bezos to space and back

LiveScience |
Sociologist Ellen Reese and physicist Flip Tanedo weigh in on the implications of private space flights for billionaires.
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Soft robot can play piano thanks to 'air-powered' memory

Engadget |
Soft robots still tend to rely on hard electronics to function, but a new invention from engineers Will Grover, Philip Brisk, and Kostas Karydis might reduce that need for unyielding chips.
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California’s jobs recovery is starting to lose steam. Here are the numbers

The Los Angeles Times |
Taner Osman, manager at the UCR School of Business Center for Economic Forecasting and Development, says the state cannot afford any economic slowdown associated with a surge in new COVID cases.
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Can Playing Brain Games Really Keep Your Mind Fit? Brain Experts Set the Record Straight

Real Simple |
Brain health is similar to the other muscles in your body: If you don't use it, you'll lose it. However, Aaron Seitz, psychology professor and director of UCR's Brain Game Center, says figuring out how best to promote cognitive health is challenging.
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Phosphine In Venus’ Atmosphere Points To Volcanics, Not Life, Says Paper

Forbes |
Planetary astrophysicist Stephen Kane tells Forbes it has long been suspected that Venus is volcanically active. However, there remains a great deal of mystery regarding the atmospheric chemistry in the planet's middle and deep atmosphere, where products of volcanic outgassing would play a major role.