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After strong 2018, economic growth predicted to continue in the IE

KVCR Radio |
The Inland Empire rang in the new year with strong economic growth — even outperforming the state's economy. That's according to a new report released Thursday by the UCR Center for Economic Forecasting and Development.
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Program helps foster youth graduate college

Spectrum News 1 |
Spectrum News 1 features grad student Brandy Taylor, who found stability and purpose in UCR's Guardian Scholars program. After receiving her undergraduate degree at UCR, she is now working toward her MBA.
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Is this higher education's golden age?

Chronicle of Higher Education |
Steven Brint writes that gloomy forecasts for higher education are betrayed by statistical evidence to the contrary. Brint, a UCR distinguished professor of sociology, asserts in an op-ed that the numbers show higher education is on the rise. 
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It's cold outside, but Earth is at its closest approach to the sun

The New York Times |
UC Riverside astronomer Stephen Kane weighs in on the impacts of the (basically) circular orbit of the sun, and why it's a crucial part of the "cocktail of life."
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When too cute is too much, the brain can get aggressive

National Public Radio |
Research by Katherine Stavropoulos from the UC Riverside Graduate School of Education explains :"cute aggression" - thestrange sensation one gets when confronted with a wide-eyed, too-cute puppy.
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Galaxy may be littered with dead aliens blindsided by climate change

Forbes |
How many alien civilizations may have already come and gone due to climate change? UC Riverside astrophysicist Stephen Kane says it's worth thinking about, as we will be peering at planets that may have harbored past civilizations. 
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The West Coast’s biggest bird oasis is dying. Will it be saved?

National Geographic |
UC Riverside atmospheric scientist Roya Bahreini weighs in on the toxic dust increasingly exposed on the floor of the disappearing Salton Sea. 
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Historic Latino student wave reshapes many colleges. But access is uneven.

The Washington Post |
The Washington Post profiles UC Riverside's Latino student success. At UCR, the Post asserts, Latino students graduate at rates well above the national average.