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Is There Any Safe Way to Socialize During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Time |
Brandon Brown, an associate professor in the UCR School of Medicine, says with COVID-19 still a major health threat, the most responsible social visits are virtual ones. 
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Nonprofit Growth in Inland Empire at Risk Due to COVID-19

Karthick Ramakrishnan, a professor of public policy and political science, discusses the findings of a new report on regional nonprofits released by UCR's Center for Social Innovation. 
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‘New-agey types’ and pro-Trump activists. Anti-vaccine crusade finds new allies amid coronavirus

The Sacramento Bee |
Richard M. Carpiano, a professor of public policy and sociology, explains why different groups have converged to protest stay-at-home orders and other public health guidelines issued in the wake of COVID-19. 
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So You Had a Bad Day …

The New York Times |
Sonja Lyubomirsky, a distinguished professor of psychology, comments on the mood-boosting benefits of gratitude. 
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Why We Shouldn’t Quantify the COVID-19 Pandemic in Terms of 9/11

Truthout |
Matthew Byrne, a doctoral student in sociology, notes that comparing the tragedy of the COVID-19 pandemic to that of 9/11 "rarely achieves its intended aims."
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Anti-vaccine protests hold lessons for journalists covering rallies against shelter-in-place orders

CalMatters |
In a co-authored piece, public policy and sociology professor Richard M. Carpiano lays out four recommendations for improving media coverage of the recent rallies.  
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Fewer international students expected to return to colleges in California and nation, hurting finances

EdSource |
Magid Shirzadegan, director of the International Students and Scholars office, discusses how COVID-19 might affect international student enrollment at UCR. 
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Riverside County point-in-time count finds 41% rise in youth homelessness

Desert Sun |
Students from UCR's Department of Computer Science and Engineering assisted with the annual count.