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Some of UC’s most diverse campuses get the least funding, sparking debate over equity and racism

The Los Angeles Times |
UCR educates a larger share of needy students — about half are low-income, underrepresented minorities or the first in their families to attend college — than all other campuses except for UC Merced, which is funded at higher levels because of its small size. The disparities are igniting alarm and allegations of de facto racism against the campus. 
UCR in the News

Vaccine Rebels: The Teens Defying Their Parents to Get the COVID Vaccine

Teen Vogue |
Andrea Polonijo, a postdoctoral fellow who studies how social factors affect vaccination, says that young adults have to look out for themselves.
UCR in the News

Diversity Is Not Enough in Fundraising Offices

Peter Hayashida, president of the UC Riverside Foundation, says that to increase diversity in fundraising, the nonprofit world needs to look past short-term goals. 
UCR in the News

Plant gene discovery could help scientists develop heat-tolerant crops

United Press International |
Meng Chen, a professor of botany and plant sciences, helped find a gene that enables plants to sense changes in temperature. It's an essential element of helping plants endure warmer temperatures.
UCR in the News

"Fool's gold" fossils reveal trilobites breathed through their legs

New Atlas |
Jin-Bo Hou and Nigel Hughes, both in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, discovered an unusual fact about trilobites, that roamed Earth about 450 million years ago.
UCR in the News

You’re vaccinated and ready to travel. Here’s your pre-trip checklist.

Washington Post |
Brandon Brown, an epidemiologist and public health and medical ethics professor, says vaccine passports are a helpful way to encourage people to get vaccines, and that a vaccine requirement for travel isn't a new idea.
UCR in the News

The World Happiness Report is out, with a surprising picture of global resilience

Stars and Stripes |
Sonja Lyubomirsky, psychology professor, at the University of California at Riverside, says she expected much bigger declines in well-being during the pandemic than she saw in her study on happiness.  
UCR in the News

Vaccine passports rekindle fears over data privacy and government tracking

Richard M. Carpiano, professor of public policy and sociology, says the idea of a vaccine passport raises privacy concerns, including fears of government monitoring and how third parties might use medical information.