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Worms That Turn Tarantulas Into Tiptoeing Zombies Discovered

Newsweek |
Parasitologist Adler Dillman led a team that discovered a new species of nematode that kill tarantulas.
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Wealthy Residents In Calabasas, Hidden Hills Could Find Their Water At A Trickle If They Won’t Conserve

Mehdi Nemati, who studies issues relating to water resources, says wealthier Californians did not conserve as much as others during the last drought even when the state mandated it. Officials are now threatening to restrict the flow to customers who repeatedly fail to conserve.
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New classrooms at UC Riverside let students attend remotely or in person

Ed Source |
One-third of all UCR classrooms were upgraded before the fall term with new technology, including microphones and cameras, to allow for the possibility of mixing in-person students with remote students. The campus paid for the upgrades using federal Covid relief aid.
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Jeff Daniels, as the worm turns with my name!!! Tarantula-Killer Named After Actor

UCR parasitologist Adler Dillman has named a new species of tarantula-killing nematode after American actor Jeff Daniels, who portrayed a spider killer in the 1990 film Arachnophobia. 
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Students don't want to learn in a 'COVID petri dish.' They're walking out to prove their point.

USA Today |
Joseph Kahne, a UCR professor of education policy,  says a string of walkouts this week are part of a renewed period of student activism sparked by the 2018 school shooting in Parkland, Florida, George Floyd's murder and concerns about climate change. He hasn't seen such an upswing in student activism since the 1960s and 1970s.
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How often can you safely reuse your KN95 or N95 mask?

Washington Post |
Rich Carpiano, public health scientist and sociologist, suggests having a few masks on hand so you can rotate between them. That way, after wearing one mask, you can set it aside for a few days before picking it up again, allowing viral particles on the old mask to deactivate. 
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Read Joan Didion's entire "lost" university commencement address from 1975

Boing Boing |
In 1975, the late New Journalism pioneer and author Joan Didion delivered a commencement address at UCR. While the ending has been frequently quoted, the complete text has been "lost" in the bowels of the UCR library for almost 50 years, until now.
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Teaching Civics After Jan. 6

Yahoo News |
Joseph Kahne, a professor who studies civics education and its impact on civic engagement says, "schools, while not perfect, historically have been a place where young people can learn how to engage in democracy."