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UC Riverside to join Association of American Universities

The Press Enterprise |
UC Riverside has been recognized as a “leading research university” by the prestigious Association of American Universities, which has invited UCR to become a member.
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UCR Researchers Find Virtual Villages Provide Support and Combat Isolation for Older People Living with HIV

NBC Palm Springs |
Jasmine Lucero López, an undergraduate honors student in UCR's Department of Psychology, led a team of researchers who designed a groundbreaking solution for older people living with HIV who are experiencing heightened isolation. The team created a virtual village, an online space that helps alleviate negative effects of social isolation.
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Six Institutions Invited To Join Association Of American Universities

Forbes |
The University of California, Riverside, is among six universities that will join the prestigious Association of American Universities. 
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Scientists Identify Bacteria That Can Break Down 'Forever Chemicals'

Yahoo News |
UC Riverside researchers Yulie Me and Josen Jin have identified soil bacteria able to break down some PFAS chemicals, known as “forever chemicals” because they take decades to degrade naturally.
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Opinion: A map of 1,001 novels to show us where to find the real America

The Los Angeles Times |
Susan Straight, distinguished professor of creative writing, read or reread 1,001 books of fiction to create a literary map of this country.
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Black mermaids have been part of mythology for a long time

KRPC 2 Houston |
Jalondra Davis, assistant professor of English at UCR, says that although mermaids are mythological creatures, their African origins are real. Part of Davis’ research situates the origin of Black mermaids during a time period when Africans were violently transported across the ocean to North America and the Caribbean. 
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What's with all the mosquitoes, bees and gnats? Experts point to SoCal's record winter rainfall

ABC7 Eyewitness News |
UCR entomology professor Alec Gerry explains why this year's mosquito season will last longer than in previous years. 
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Earth-size exoplanet may be covered in volcanoes

UCR astrophysicist Stephen Kane helped find an Earth-sized planet about 90 light-years away. Half this planet is locked in permanent daytime, the other half in permanent night, and it is likely covered in active volcanoes. Although volcanoes sound like an impediment to water and potential life, it may actually help the planet maintain an atmosphere.