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How Asian-American Leaders Are Grappling With Xenophobia Amid Coronavirus

The New York Times |
Karthick Ramakrishnan, a professor of public policy and political science, comments on the implications of referring to COVID-19 as a "Chinese virus." 
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6 tips for throwing a virtual happy hour

Los Angeles Daily News |
Elizabeth Davis, an associate professor of psychology, discusses the therapeutic benefits of online hangouts. 
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Here’s what happens to science when California’s researchers shelter in place

CalMatters |
CalMatters spotlights the work of multiple UCR researchers in a story about science in the time of COVID-19. 
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Will coronavirus precautions hamper our ability to fight California wildfires later?

Desert Sun |
Marko Princevac, a professor of mechanical engineering, discusses the efficiency of controlled burns in a story about how they're being affected by COVID-19. 
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Primordial worm-like creature was forerunner to most animals — including us

Reuters |
This 555 million-year-old creature may be one of the most important primordial animals ever found, according to a team led by UCR geologists. 
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Nearly All Animal Life Evolved From This Gross Worm Creature, Including Us

Vice |
Vice spotlights the discovery of a new "granddaddy of the animal kingdom, including humans," discovered by a team led by UCR geologists.
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Coronavirus testing hits another snag as labs need emergency funding to meet high demand

Los Angeles Times |
Brandon Brown, an associate professor in the UCR School of Medicine, comments on the importance of "flattening the curve" through isolation to curb the spread of COVID-19. 
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Trump's 'Chinese' Virus Is Part of a Long History of Blaming Other Countries for Disease

Time |
Kim Yi Dionne, an assistant professor of political science, discusses America's "long history of immigrant exclusion on the basis of disease" with Time magazine.