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Some say FDA isn't doing enough to prevent E coli outbreak

NBC 4 Los Angeles |
Milton McGiffen, of the UCR Department of Botany & Plant Sciences, weighs in on the latest E. coli outbreak, tied to romaine lettuce in central California. McGiffen is at the 1:43 mark. 
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1 big thing: Moving back to the fire zone

Axios |
Christopher Thornberg, a professor at UC Riverside and founder of Beacon Economics, asserts that people should live where they want, as long as they are not relying on government services to bail them out in a catastrophe.
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Amazon's HQ2 is headed to New York and Virginia with thousands of jobs. Here’s why some in L.A. are relieved

Los Angeles Times |
The City of Angels is not so much indulging in a pity party as offering up a collective shrug. Some Amazon skeptics are even relieved.
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GPUs are vulnerable to side-channel attacks

NetworkWorld |
Researchers at UC Riverside discover GPUs can be victims of the same kinds of attacks as Meltdown and Spectre, which have impacted Intel and AMD CPUs.
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New Exo-Venus simulations should help astrobiologists interpret NASA's TESS data

Forbes |
In preparation for what TESS and other new spacecraft will find, astrobiologists have simulated the climate of a potential Venus.  A new paper by UCR's Stephen Kane suggests a model for the sun's energy impact on Venus is found with the exoplanet Kepler-1649b and its star. “It is almost identical to the Venus of our own solar system in terms of size and the energy it receives from its host star,” Kane said.
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Tetris may soothe a worried mind, study says

Elite Daily |
Which games are good for anxiety, you may ask? Tetris — yes, really. That's according to a new study by UCR psychologist Kate Sweeny.  
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Tall people at greater risk of cancer, study says

Tall people are at a greater risk of cancer because they have more cells in their body, new UCR research has suggested.
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Science Friday gets up close and personal with bee barf

Science Friday |
UC Riverside entomologist Hollis Woodard is featured in a Science Friday video that takes a look at how bumblebees make their queens. They don't make queens like honeybees; Woodard says the key may lie with bee vomit.