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Joshua trees are being wiped out by climate change

Gizmodo |
Climate change may kill off most of the trees in Joshua Tree National Park, according to a new UCR study.
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Mojave Desert creates ideal climate for Laila Lalami’s story of immigrants

Los Angeles Times |
Los Angeles Times Book Club pick "The Other Americans," the latest novel from Laila Lalami, a professor of creative writing, is featured in an article about the book's rural Mojave Desert setting.  
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Want to keep your brain sharp in old age? Go back to school

NBC News |
New research from Rachel Wu, an assistant professor of psychology at UCR, shows the brain has the ability to function well — and even excel — in old age. The secret? Keep learning.
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What happened when they told me, 'go back to your country'

Professor Karthick Ramakrishnan delves into his personal history in an op-ed about how Americans can improve the national conversation on race and immigration.
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Five Scientific Findings That Could Lead to New Inventions

Smithsonian Magazine |
Research by Professor David Kisailus on mantis shrimp's impact-resistant armor is featured in a roundup of findings in the natural world that could inspire new inventions.
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Susan Straight’s summer book picks transport readers beyond ‘beach reads’

Los Angeles Times |
The distinguished professor of creative writing discusses the summer reading of her past and her forthcoming memoir, "In the Country of Women."
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UC Riverside ranks No. 2 among UC schools for first-generation freshmen

The Press-Enterprise |
Of freshman who enrolled at UCR in fall 2018, nearly 60 percent are trying to become the first in their family to complete a four-year degree. The national average of 36 percent.
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Why you should never release exotic pets into the wild

National Geographic |
Mark Hoddle, director of UCR's Center for Invasive Species Research, discusses how and why exotic pets are introduced into foreign environments — and why it's a problem.