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Venus Exploration Remains Key To Understanding Exo-Earths, Says Paper

Forbes |
UCR astrophysicist Stephen Kane was the lead author of a new paper that argues Venus is crucial to understanding earth-mass and earth-like planets circling other stars.
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UC Riverside event welcomes nearly 3,000 future students

The Press Enterprise |
Photos and stories from Highlander Day.
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Tall flowers, dead shrubs, ephemeral lake: Death Valley has become a picture of climate whiplash

NBC News |
Lynn Sweet, a UCR research ecologist, talks about the resilience of desert plant and animal species, and how they might survive increasingly severe bouts of drought and storms. 
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A one-shot vaccine for COVID, flu and future viruses? Researchers say it's coming

Salon |
UCR microbiology professor Shou-wei Ding and virologist Rong Hai have pioneered a live, attenuated vaccine strategy that can target the part of a genome that all virus variants share.
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Dangerous bacterial disease reported in multiple dogs in Southern California

UCR parasitologist Adler Dillman is featured in this video report about the risk of salmon poisoning disease, which can be deadly for dogs.
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Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders in the US more likely to believe in climate change: AP-NORC poll

Associated Press |
Karthick Ramakrishnan, a public policy professor at UCR, and founder of AAPI Data, said the richness and detail of the data shows environmental groups need to consider reaching out to AAPI populations. 
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Genetics-based universal vaccine could be effective against any viral strain

Genetics-based "one-and-done" vaccines for the flu and COVID-19 could prove more effective and easier to craft than current jabs, researchers from UC Riverside report. Professor Shou-wei Ding and researcher Rong Hai have innovated a new vaccine method that targets viruses using a different response to infection than what is prompted by current vaccines. Instead of teaching the immune system to create antibodies to fight off a specific virus, the new vaccine would instead teach the body to create small signaling RNA proteins that will shut down harmful viral spread.
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'One and Done': Scientists Develop Vaccine That May Fight Any Viral Strain

U.S. News & World Report |
UCR virologist Rong Hai and microbiology professor Shou-wei Ding created a new vaccine strategy. Instead of teaching the immune system to create antibodies to fight a virus, their vaccine would teach the body to create small RNA proteins to shut down viral spread.