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‘Hyper-Partisanship’ Is Making It A Lot Harder To Run Public Schools, New UC Research Finds

LAist |
School of Education Professor Joseph Kahne co-authored a study of 682 high school principals across the U.S., and found extreme political views on both side of the spectrum are taking a toll on public schools students as well as educators.
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When diplomacy fails: After gifts, Teotihuacan turned on Maya cities

ArsTechnica |
ArsTechnica interviews Nawa Sugiyama, UC Riverside anthropological archaeologist in this article, “When diplomacy fails: After gifts, Teotihuacan turned on Maya cities.”
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Earth's earliest mass extinction uncovered in fossil record

New Atlas |
Researchers at UC Riverside and Virginia Tech have found evidence of a mass extinction event that took place about 100 million years earlier than scientists previously realized.
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¿Viva Hate? Mexican fans ‘Negotiate Morrissey the person and Morrissey the music.’

Alta |
Gustavo Arellano interviews Richard T. Rodríguez, professor of English and media and cultural studies. Rodríguez explains why Latinos love Morrissey’s music, despite not being fans of his stance on borders and immigration.
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Here's why the cost of lettuce is skyrocketing in California

ABC 7 News |
Bruce Babcock, UCR agricultural economist, says the Salinas Valley is the primary source for lettuce, the Salinas Valley, is having a terrible year.  Lettuce there has been infected with a virus, and causing yields to be down 75%. The virus, INSV, is getting worse and there are few ways to treat it.
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Symptoms of Cute Aggression: Why Do I Want To Murder Adorable Things?

IFL Science! |
Katherine Stavropoulos, UCR associate professor of psychology, explains the desire to crush something adorable isn't the same as the desire to cause real harm. 
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Want kids but afraid of climate change? So are these people

UC Riverside Gender Studies Professor Jade Sasser explains that the U.S. birthrate is the lowest it has ever been in part due to climate change. Some factors include lower infant mortality rates and economic uncertainty. However, she explains that younger people increasingly feel it is not ethical to bring a person into a planet in crisis.
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Broccoli in Space? What a Revolting Thought

The Wall Street Journal |
UCR planetary scientists Eddie Schwieterman and Michaela Leung have discovered that the methyl bromide gases emitted by broccoli—one of the most repellent foods known to mankind—could be pivotal in discovering whether life exists on other planets.