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Beyoncé tour sales are off to a smoother start. What does that mean for Ticketmaster?

Carolyn Sloane, a labor economist at UCR — whose "Rockonomics" class is currently studying the Ticketmaster drama — talks to NPR about what would solve the issues with the ticket sales giant.
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'Like we woke up to hell': 7,700 dead in quake-battered Turkey, Syria; baby rescued after being born under rubble: Live updates

USA Today |
David Oglesby, a seismologist and professor of geophysics at UCR, points out the notorious San Andreas fault that crosses most of California, from north to south, is of the strike-slip variety. This is the same variety as the East Anatolian fault that caused this week's massive and deadly Turkish earthquake.
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UC Riverside professor discusses what valley residents need to know about earthquakes and ‘the Big One’

Nicolas Barth, assistant professor of geology at UCR, discusses the possibility of an 8.0 magnitude earthquake in California.
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Dirty truth: UC Riverside study suggests new way climate change is fueling itself

The Press Enterprise |
Peter Homyak, an environmental sciences professor at UCR, and his former student Johann Püspök of Austria, co-authored a study suggesting pollution from vehicles and power plants might make soil release carbon in Southern California and other similarly dry places – worsening, rather than helping to fight, climate change.
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Aftershocks May Rock Turkey and Syria for Months, Even Years

Wired |
David Oglesby, a UCR geophysicist, explains to Wired that the aftershock risk is greatest right after the main earthquake, but there will still be noticeable aftershocks to Sunday's deadly 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Turkey for years to come.
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In Depth: Long COVID

FOX 11 Los Angeles |
Martin Schlusselberg, assistant clinical professor in UCR's School of Medicine, joins Hal Eisner to discuss long COVID, a condition that can get worse with time, and for which there is currently no test. 
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Op-Ed: Watering down AP African American studies is a disservice to students

LA Times |
Suneal Kolluri, an assistant professor in the School of Education, says a new Advanced Placement African American studies course suffers from revisions that sought to strike a compromise.
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How to Be Happy, According to Scientists

Deliberately performing random acts of kindness can make you feel happier and less depressed and anxious, according to a series of studies from UCR's Sonja Lyubomirsky. Varying those acts you do for others has a longer-term effect on your own happiness.