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September 14, 2020

New Hellman Fellows Endowment at UC Riverside

Gift includes $5 million for junior faculty research fellowships in three colleges

Author: J.D. Warren
September 14, 2020

UC Riverside has received $5 million for junior faculty research fellowships in three colleges as part of a larger move by the Hellman Fellows Fund to establish permanent endowments across the UC system.

Since the 1980s, the Hellman Fellows Program has supported junior faculty in the University of California system with research awards. The new endowments rolled out over the past year build on these previous gifts to provide a total of $125 million in support of the research of early-career faculty at all 10 UC campuses.

The UCR fellowships will be distributed to tenure-track, early-career faculty members in the College of Natural and Agriculture Sciences, or CNAS; the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, or CHASS, and the Bourns College of Engineering, or BCOE.   With each UC campus managing its own selection process, UCR’s Office of Academic Personnel will continue to oversee applications each year.  A new cohort of Hellman Fellows begins every July 1. 

“The Hellman Fellows Fund endowment creates meaningful, long-term support at a time when funding for research is critical – bolstering the work of our junior faculty,” said CNAS Dean Kathryn E. Uhrich. “Supporting faculty early in their academic careers empowers them to develop imaginative, independent, and innovative research.”

The Hellman Fellows Program has long supported faculty in Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, and STEM.

“My parents, Warren and Chris Hellman, used to say that creating the Hellman Fellows Program was one of the best things our family ever did,” said Frances Hellman, president of the Hellman Fellows Fund. “Having had the opportunity to support over 1,900 faculty over the years, I enthusiastically agree. Their discoveries, commitment to their work, and great potential continues to inspire us year after year. We are thrilled to be carrying on our father’s legacy by ensuring that the Hellman Fellows Program can exist in perpetuity throughout the University of California system.”

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