May 24, 2021

Experts on Cicadas

Author: Michaela Miller
May 24, 2021


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Doug Yanega, senior museum scientist

Doug Yanega holds collection of cicadas

Yanega is an entomologist in the Entomology Research Museum at UCR. His current position in the Department of Entomology involves the curation of approximately 4 million specimens. Yanega’s research specialties include insect taxonomy, classification, natural history, behavior, pollination ecology, conservation, and biological databases.


Timothy Paine, professor of entomology

Timothy Paine

Paine’s area of study centers around pest management of insects in plants. He studies the relationship these insects have with their host plants, natural enemies, and competitors. His research has advocated for more discerning insecticide use and the greater need for biological and cultural control of pest insects. His research has been published in several journals on entomology.


Monique Rivera, assistant specialist

Monique Rivera

Rivera studies the integrated management of agricultural pests in citrus as well as subtropical crops. She has been published on many occasions in the press and in scientific journals relating to her work in biology and ecology.