July 20, 2021

Deadline to provide vaccination proof is Aug. 16

54% of UCR employees and 39% of students have uploaded verification of their vaccinations

Author: J.D. Warren
July 20, 2021

Aug. 16 is the deadline for UC Riverside employees and students to upload vaccination records for fall 2021. The announcement was made in a July 16 message from Chancellor Kim A. Wilcox to the campus community.

Previously, the UC system announced its SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Vaccination Program requiring vaccinations in order to be on campus in fall 2021. Some changes were made to the interim policy released in the spring, and the final policy went into effect July 15.

As of this week, 54% of UCR employees and 39% of students have uploaded verification of their vaccinations. UCR administrators said the rates are likely to climb now that submission is no longer optional.

“For five months, we’ve been encouraging our campus community to get vaccinated in advance of policy change and in the interest of individual and collective health and safety,” Wilcox wrote in the July 16 campus letter. “We have also provided ample time to submit proof of vaccination.”

For more information on the vaccine requirement as it affects students, and for information on how students may upload proof of vaccination, visit the Student Health Services site. Employees who have received a vaccination but have not yet submitted information can complete the COVID-19 Vaccine Tracking Form. Immunization records are housed in a secure system.

Those seeking medical or religious exemption may apply for exceptions. In order to ensure safety protocols are followed, supervisors will be made aware which employees have exemptions.

“Public health officials across the country consistently say the same thing: nearly all coronavirus-related deaths are now occurring in unvaccinated people,” Wilcox wrote in the campus letter.

Students, faculty, and staff who don’t get vaccinated, or fail to request an exemption or deferral, will not be allowed in campus facilities, or to attend in-person programs. According to the UC policy, students could also be dismissed from educational programs or university employment. Like with other vaccination requirements, students who don’t provide proof of vaccination or apply for an exception or deferral by Aug. 16 may be subject to registration holds.

Those who have not submitted proof of vaccination, including those who have received exemptions, must wear face coverings on campus.

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