August 12, 2021

Fallout 'serious' for noncompliance to UC vaccination policy

Failure to submit verification or file for exemption could impact students' status; employees could be disciplined

Author: J.D. Warren
August 12, 2021

As the Aug. 16 deadline looms for compliance with the UC vaccination policy, the fallout for those who fail to comply is being made clear. 

In a campus announcement this week, Human Resources delineated protocols for employees who haven’t provided proof of full vaccination or requested an exemption or deferral by Aug. 16.

According to the announcement, a protocol kicks in after Aug. 16 in which noncompliant employees are issued up to three notices. Following the third notice, employees are subject to “progressive corrective action/discipline.”

Student Affairs plans to issue a notice to students this week detailing protocols for students who haven’t complied with the UC policy by Aug. 16. Student Affairs officials said “serious and immediate consequences” for noncompliance will involve a registration hold, followed by a prohibition to access campus facilities. If noncompliance persists, students could receive an interim suspension. 

Faculty and staff members can submit their proof of vaccination or initiate a request for exemption by clicking here. Those requests will be processed by a third-party vendor. Students can access the form online to initiate an exemption or deferral request.

The most recent UC Riverside numbers continue to show gains in compliance among both staff and students. By Tuesday this week, almost 68% of UCR employees and more than 54% of students had uploaded verification of their vaccinations. 

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