August 10, 2022

UC Riverside admits most California freshmen among UCs

UCR has admitted more low-income and first-generation students than any other UC campus

Author: Sarah Nightingale
August 10, 2022

UC Riverside has admitted a record number of freshmen for fall 2022 with a total of 37,262 admits — an increase of 2,591 students from the previous year, according to data released August 10 by the University of California.

Among the nine UC undergraduate campuses, UCR admitted the most first-year students as well as the most California residents — 30,640 — to its freshman class. The remaining 6,622 first-year admits are out-of-state and international students. 

As a result of depressed enrollment in the California Community Colleges, transfer admissions to UCR fell this year, with 7,841 admissions in 2022 compared with 9,222 in 2021. UCR welcomes applications from transfer students for the Winter 2023 term and has extended the application deadline for that term through August 31.

At UCR, 12,886, or 42%, of California freshman admits were from underrepresented groups. Latino students comprised 37% of those admitted, with Asian students making up 44%. Only one of the nine UC undergraduate campuses — UC Merced — admitted a higher percentage of underrepresented students. UCR admitted more African American and Latino transfer students from California than any other UC undergraduate campus.

“The diversity of UCR’s admitted class reflects the campus commitment to shaping a learning environment that offers a variety of experiences and perspectives that enriches peer-to-peer engagement,” said Emily Engelschall, UCR’s associate vice chancellor for Enrollment Services.

In terms of students reporting low family incomes, UCR admitted 13,482 freshman students from California and 4,239 transfer students from California community colleges. Overall, UCR admitted the highest number of low family income students among the nine UC undergraduate campuses. 

With a total of 17,613 first-generation students admitted, UCR ranks first among the nine undergraduate campuses.

Systemwide, the University of California admitted a record 85,268 California first-year students for fall 2022, a 1.2% increase from this past year’s 84,223 total, also a record-breaking year. The growth is made possible by a large and highly qualified pool of California students and critical state funding for enrollment growth.

“The University’s enduring dedication to California’s young people and its partnership with the state continue to attract unprecedented numbers of talented Golden State students,” said UC President Michael V. Drake, M.D. “It is our privilege to be able to offer admission to the state’s largest-ever class of California students.” 

Due to the decreases in out-of-state and international admissions, total freshman admissions across the UC system fell by 5.1% this year from to 132,353 to 125,597. 

Data tables with systemwide and campus-specific information for both freshmen and transfer students are available here.


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