June 22, 2023

Experts on unhoused people

Jordan Cornet
Author: Jordan Cornet
June 22, 2023

Experts on unhoused people 

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Brandon Andrew Robinson

Brandon Andrew Robinson, chair and associate professor of gender and sexuality studies
Robinson is a queer and trans studies scholar. Their research is interdisciplinary and connects with many subfields, including family studies, criminology, health, urban studies, children and youth studies, and scholarship on cyberspace/new media. Their book, "Coming Out to the Streets: LGBTQ Youth Experiencing Homelessness" (University of California Press, November 2020), examines how gender and sexuality interconnect with processes of racial inequality, poverty, and experiences of homelessness. This project received external support from the National Science Foundation and the Equality Knowledge Project.
Contact: brandon.robinson@ucr.edu


david brady

David Brady, professor of public policy
David Brady is a professor in the School of Public Policy. He also is visiting research professor in Inequality and Social Policy at the WZB Berlin Social Science Center. At UCR, he teaches classes in quantitative methods, poverty, inequality, and social policy. He investigates a variety of research questions related to poverty, racial inequality, social policy, health, immigration, and politics.


Contact: david.brady@ucr.edu

Catherine Gudis


Catherine Gudis, associate professor of History
Catherine Gudis is a public humanities scholar specializing in the histories of race, place, and space in Southern California. She's currently a scholar-in-residence at the Los Angeles Poverty Department’s Skid Row History Museum & Archives, working on a book about Skid Row's history and community. Gudis co-founded the Bureau of Goods Transport and Project 51, and is a member of the Los Angeles Urban Rangers. She has contributed to historic preservation in Los Angeles, including landmarking significant sites and contributing to SurveyLA. Gudis also co-curates exhibitions on various historical and cultural themes and serves in various capacities, including as Secretary of the Board of Los Angeles Poverty Department and co-editor for the Journal of American History's public history reviews.
Contact: catherine.gudis@ucr.edu