January 24, 2024

UCR nears its record for in-state freshmen

The University of California set a record for California freshmen who started this past fall

Author: J.D. Warren
January 24, 2024

UC Riverside has released its enrollment numbers for fall 2023, showing a total student population of 26,426.

It is an increase of more than 5,000 students from 10 years ago, when UC Riverside had 21,285 students. In the past 25 years, campus enrollment has more than doubled. Fall 2022 enrollment was 26,809.

The number of California freshmen enrolled for fall 2023 was the second highest in UCR history, only 10 students fewer than the campus record. For fall 2023, UCR enrolled 5,209 California freshmen; in fall 2016, the record of 5,219 was set.

The UCR student population includes 46% of undergraduates receiving a Pell Grant – a federal award for low-income students. Fifty percent of undergraduates are first-generation students. Latino and Asian students each comprised about 35% of the overall population. 

The Marlan and Rosemary Bourns College of Engineering’s student population, including undergraduate and graduate students, totaled 4,853 for fall 2023. The number represents dramatic growth over the past five years; enrollment was 3,719 in 2019. The engineering college includes the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, which has grown from 1,238 undergraduate and graduate students in fall 2019 to 1,926 students in fall 2023.

In the same span, fall 2019 to fall 2023, graduate programs in the School of Business — 321 to 463 — and School of Medicine — 284 to 330 — have shown increases. The School of Education’s undergraduate program has grown from 234 to 578 since the program’s inception in fall 2017. 

Application numbers to the UC system for the fall 2024 term should be released in the coming weeks. For the 2023 term, UCR defied the systemwide trend with a 3.7% increase in applications. It will be several months before fall 2024 admissions numbers are known. That number will represent all the students whose applications were accepted, as opposed to the number of students who will actually enroll for fall quarter 2024. 

To review systemwide fall 2023 enrollment figures, visited the University of California’s Information Center.

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