Disney Planet Possible: Protecting the treasures of Joshua Tree National Park

UCR environmental scientist Cameron Barrows says we can't ignore what Joshua trees are trying to tell us as they're finding it harder and harder to survive.
ABC7 Eyewitness News | April 17, 2022

Honoring the life of Armando Navarro — scholar, activist and Chicano leader

Professors Alfonso Gonzáles Toribio and Jennifer R. Nájera published an OpEd in The Press-Enterprise in honor of Dr. Armando Navarro.
The Press Enterprise | April 16, 2022

Essential California: What the state’s shrinking public schools mean for students

Louie Rodriguez, professor at the graduate school of education, said declining enrollment has spurred many public schools to get creative about how they can entice and retain students, leading to better, more engaging schools for everyone.
The Los Angeles Times | April 14, 2022

Are hikers behind the lights seen near Mount San Jacinto's Skyline Trail?

UCR Physics and Astronomy Professor Harry Tom tells the Sun that even though headlamps are relatively dim, their lights can be seen on a clear night from miles away.
Desert Sun | April 12, 2022

People Are Comparing Will Smith’s 10-Year Oscar Ban With How Other Problematic Actors Were Dealt With

BuzzFeed News interviews Courtney Baker, an associate professor with the Department of English regarding Will Smith's 10-year ban from the Oscars.
Buzzfeed News | April 10, 2022

Temecula ‘smart freeway’ project could improve 15 Freeway commute

UCR’s Matthew Barthes, Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering and director of UCR’s Center for Environmental Research and Technology weighs in on Freeway 15’s traffic problem–and how The Riverside County Transportation Commission hopes to solve it.
Press Enterprise | April 6, 2022

Why California, some counties are scaling back COVID-19 data updates

UCR Associate Professor of Public Health Brandon Brown talks about Riverside County's decision to scale back COVID-19 data and reporting. 
Press Enterprise | April 5, 2022

Why ‘free’ shipping isn’t free

Ellen Reese, UCR sociology professor and co-editor of “The Cost of Free Shipping: Amazon in the Global Economy," says when consumers click the ‘buy’ box on Amazon or similar services, they often don’t see the labor that enables the delivery.
CNBC | March 31, 2022

The Community Scientists Who Helped Discover A New Planet

UCR astronomer Paul Dalba discusses how community scientists helped him locate an exoplanet that would otherwise have missed detection.
National Public Radio | March 30, 2022

Companies set sights on removing troublesome CO2 from air

Mihri Ozkan, UCR climate action professor, believes there’s still much uncertainty about direct air capture’s future. The technology is still in its infancy, she said. 
Spectrum News | March 30, 2022

Companies set sights on removing troublesome CO2 from air

UCR Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering and Climate Action Champion Professor Mihri Ozkan offers insight on the future of carbon capture technology. 
Spectrum News 1 | March 30, 2022

Orange County Residents Should Expect, Prepare For Indefinite COVID Waves

Richard Carpiano, public health scientist and sociologist, believes the phrase “learn to live with COVID” is undermining public health efforts.  A cavalier attitude toward COVID could lead to inadequate public health responses to future infection waves.
Voice of OC | March 29, 2022

Bold visions and strategies for California’s next century

Public policy professors Karthick Ramakrishnan of UCR and Henry E. Brady of UC Berkeley launched the organization California 100 in an effort to strengthen California’s ability to collectively solve problems and shape our long-term future. In this piece they reflect on the Golden State's challenges and opportunities. 
The Press Enterprise | March 27, 2022

Art exhibitions in Riverside showcase Black comic book heroes and more

John Jennings, media and cultural studies professor, discusses Black Kirby, a group he co-founded to create visual art focused on themes of Afrofuturism, social justice, representation and magical realism.  The group's work is on display in two exhibitions at the Sweeney Art Gallery at UCR Arts.
The Press Enterprise | March 24, 2022

How the ‘Real Women Have Curves’ director continues to school Hollywood

Southern California News Group features Department of Theatre, Film, and Digital Production Professor Patricia Cardoso. 
Orange County Register | March 24, 2022

How a few geothermal plants could solve America’s lithium supply crunch and boost the EV battery industry

Geologist Michael McKibben co-authors this piece about geothermal energy, the long-forgotten but increasingly critical member of the clean energy family.
The Conversation | March 21, 2022

Op-Ed: A glaring double standard — one for Ukrainian refugees, one for Central Americans

Nikolái Ingistov-García, a lecturer in Spanish language and Latin American Studies, shares his observations and feelings about recent waves of Latin American and Ukrainian refugees.
The Los Angeles Times | March 20, 2022

Bee home before dark. Why honey and bumble bees can't fly at night

Quinn McFrederick, associate professor of entomology, shares that there are some species of nocturnal bees that have evolved different eyes than those who fly out during the day. 
USA Today | March 20, 2022

Will more virulent COVID-19 spring from hamsters, deer, mink?

David D. Lo, distinguished professor of biomedical sciences, comments on the scientific community's readiness to respond to COVID-19, and to future pandemics.
Orange County Register | March 18, 2022

Ukraine news isn’t easy for children, but it shouldn’t be ignored

UCR child psychologist Kimberley Lakes encourages parents to brainstorm with kids about ways to be proactive in uncertain or frightening times. "Ask them for their ideas. Raise money, donate goods, write letters to refugees. It makes us feel like we can at least do something," she said. 
Orange County Register | March 18, 2022