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No, Your Kids' Evil Cellphone Won't Give Them Horns

UCR's Sara Becker, an assistant professor of anthropology, helps debunk claims that teens’ smartphone use is causing them to grow “horns.” 
Forbes | June 20, 2019

The best place to see your favorite music act might just be a casino

Rat Pack no more. The Press-Enterprise interviews Xóchitl Chávez, an assistant professor in the music department at UC Riverside, about the new face of entertainment at casinos. 
Press-Enterprise | June 6, 2019

'Exomoons' Around Giant Planets May Be The Best Place To Search For Life, Say Scientists

UCR research that revealed 100 giants planets that potentially host moons capable of supporting life is referenced in an article about the pool of worlds that may be home to extra-terrestrial life. 
Forbes | June 5, 2019

Is India becoming a ‘Hindu state’?

Ajay Verghese, a UCR assistant professor of political science, asserts in a Washington Post "Monkey Cage" feature that many Hindus support the ideals of Indian secularism.
The Washington Post | June 5, 2019

We Gossip About 52 Minutes A Day. That May Not Be As Toxic As It Sounds.

A study by UCR psychologist has some other interesting findings: Women and men tend to gossip about the same amount. And extroverts are more likely to spend time gossiping than introverts.
NPR | May 15, 2019