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Climate Change Threatens Coachella Valley Tourism, UC Riverside Study Says

A UC Riverside study finds climate change may upend "snowbird" tourism in the Coachella Valley, as vacationers will likely not participate in outdoor activities during days with a predicted heat increase.
My News LA | September 8, 2020

An ‘Absolute Explosion’ of Stuttering Breakthroughs

Psychiatrist Gerald Maguire's research on and treatment for stuttering are featured.
The Atlantic | September 6, 2020

The hottest new video game is . . . chess?

Ilya Brookwell, assistant professor of media and cultural studies, writes about a digital renaissance for the ancient game of chess. 
Fast Company | September 4, 2020

Overworked and exhausted, warehouse workers brace for a frenzied holiday rush

Ellen Reese, chair of labor studies, talks about the pressure that workers may feel to stay on the job despite the risks presented by the novel coronavirus.    
The Washington Post | September 3, 2020

One in Five Californians Know Someone Who Died of COVID-19

Andrea Polonijo, a postdoctoral fellow at UC Riverside's School of Medicine, talks about why more Black and Latinx people know someone who has died from COVID-19.  
KQED | September 3, 2020

The new neuroscience of stuttering

Article features School of Medicine psychiatrist Gerald Maguire's research into the role of dopamine in stuttering. 
Knowable Magazine | September 2, 2020

Could the coronavirus make for a lighter flu season?

Epidemiologist Brandon Brown explains this year's flu could expose racial and economic disparities in the same way that COVID-19 has done. 
The Press Democrat | August 31, 2020

Preventing cyberattacks an increasing challenge for academic institutions

Zhiyun Qian, an associate professor of computer science and engineering, talks about the digital vulnerabilities that accompanies the increase in distance learning. 
The Press Enterprise | August 30, 2020

UC Riverside Unveils High-Tech Farm Aid

Eamonn Keogh, computer science professor, talks about new technology developed at UC Riverside that protects crops from invasive insects. 
CBS Los Angeles | August 28, 2020

The white supremacist origins of modern marriage advice

Jane Ward, gender and sexuality studies professor, on her discovery that early self-help books for couples were designed to encourage white, middle-class population growth. 
The Conversation | August 27, 2020

UC Riverside cancer, coronavirus researcher gets endowed chair, thanks to $1 million gift

Physicist Adam Godzik, newly named the Bruce D. and Nancy B. Varner Presidential Endowed Chair in Cancer Research, will use his award to fund his research into genetic methods of fighting cancer and COVID-19.
The Press Enterprise | August 27, 2020

The surprising upsides of worrying

Health psychologist Kate Sweeny on the benefits of certain kinds of worrying. 
BBC | August 26, 2020

Rolling blackouts: Does Southern California's renewable energy use make the region a victim of its own success?

Sadrul Ula, director of UC Riverside's Winston Chung Global Energy Center, discusses the challenges of filling California's energy needs during a heat wave. 
ABC7 Eyewitness News | August 22, 2020

Make Room! Worlds May Crowd Some Habitable Zones

Astrobiologist Stephen Kane talks about his new research, showing there's room for as many as 6 habitable zone planets around some stars, and explains why, then, Earth is on its own.
Planetary Society | August 19, 2020

Can Anything Cure the Pandemic of Waiting and Worrying?

UC Riverside psychologist Kate Sweeny writes on the benefits of "flow" in alleviating the worry associated with periods of uncertain waiting, highlighted by the current pandemic.
ZoCalo Public Square | August 17, 2020

The New Pandemic Hobby: Gazing at the Stars

UC Riverside's Department of Physics and Astronomy offers a way to peek at distant galaxies from home, one of several ways to take a virtual look into the night sky. 
The Wall Street Journal | August 15, 2020

Harris' Indian Heritage Could Boost Biden With Asian-American Voters

Political science professor Karthick Ramakrishnan weighs in on whether Kamala Harris might sway a crucial group of voters in the presidential election. 
The New York Times | August 13, 2020

Trump is threatening to ban another Chinese app — one used, partly, by his base

Karthick Ramakrishnan, public policy professor, weighs in on how an American ban on WeChat might affect national politics. 
Yahoo News | August 10, 2020

Everyone Deserves a Safe Option for Fall

Interim Provost Tom Smith makes the argument to the higher education community for allowing safety to lead the discussion on returning to campus in the midst of the pandemic. 
Inside Higher Ed | August 7, 2020

US schools reopen in virus hotspots

UC Riverside epidemiologist Brandon Brown comments on the need for students to speak up if they feel practices at their school are not safe. 
Yahoo News | August 7, 2020