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The Pink Hotel
“The Pink Hotel”

By Liska Jacobs ’15


July 2022, 336 pages

Tensions rise between the anxious staff and eccentric wealthy guests as newlyweds Keith and Kit Collins find themselves confined within Beverly Hills’ opulent Pink Hotel while wildfires rage across the Los Angeles hillsides. Jacobs’ searing social satire explores class, greed, and love amid certain disaster.

Jacobs earned an MFA in creative writing and writing for the performing arts.

The Story Will Change: After the Happily Ever After
“This Story Will Change: After the Happily Ever After”

By Elizabeth Crane


August 2022, 272 pages

Crane’s life is suddenly and unexpectedly changed forever when she and her husband separate after 15 years. Chronicling events as they unfold, her memoir crafts an evolving portrait of transformation, possibility, and the practice of healing at the end of her marriage.

Crane is an adjunct assistant professor in the UCR Palm Desert Low-Residency MFA program.

Amir Zaki, Building + Becoming
“Amir Zaki, Building + Becoming”

By Corrina Peipon, Amir Zaki, Walter Benn Michaels, and Jennifer Ashton

DoppelHouse Press

April 2022, 272 pages

Suspended landscapes, rocks, carvings, and hyperrealist California beach architecture fill the pages of Zaki’s latest monograph, covering over 20 years of photographic work while exploring the history of landscape and modern photography in California.

Zaki is a professor of art.

Making Silent Stones Sing
“Making Silent Stones Sing”

By Susan Cummins Miller ’71, ’73, ’78

Finishing Line Press

February 2022, 38 pages

Miller’s latest poetry collection captures the former geoscientist’s contemplation of, discoveries in, and wisdom gained from the changing landscape of the desert West, exploring themes of wonder, joy, loss, love, and the healing power of solitude and silence.

Miller earned a bachelor’s degree in history and geology and a master’s in geology.

South Flight
“South Flight”

By Jasmine Elizabeth Smith ’19

University of Georgia Press

February 2022, 104 pages

Winner of the Georgia Poetry Prize, Smith’s debut poetry collection centers on two lovers separated after the Tulsa Race Massacre in 1921. Through letters, the couple hold imagined conversations with blues musicians and the ghosts of Greenwood, exploring the history of resistance, migration, and community in Black Oklahoma.

Smith earned an MFA in creative writing and writing for the performing arts.

Rude Talk in Athens
“Rude Talk in Athens: Ancient Rivals, the Birth of Comedy, and a Writer’s Journey through Greece”

By Mark Haskell Smith

The Unnamed Press

August 2021, 203 pages

Though thousands of years old, Aristophanes’ comedic plays still resonate with audiences today. Smith explores how comedy in ancient Greece challenged the patriarchy, the military, and the powers that be, both then and now.

Smith is an adjunct associate professor in the UCR Palm Desert Low-Residency MFA program.


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