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Ukraine and Russia
“Ukraine and Russia”

By Paul D’Anieri

Cambridge University Press

April 2023, 298 pages

In this fully revised and updated analysis, D’Anieri explores the dynamics within Ukraine; between Ukraine and Russia; and between Russia and the West that emerged with the collapse of the Soviet Union, eventually resulting in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022. It argues the conflict came about because of three underlying factors: the security dilemma, the impact of democratization on geopolitics, and the incompatible goals of a post-Cold War Europe.

D’Anieri is a professor of political science and public policy.

Unheard Witness
“Unheard Witness”

By Jo Scott-Coe, MFA ’05

University of Texas Press

October 2023, 376 pages

In 1966, Kathy Leissner Whitman was a young teacher and avid letter writer dreaming of a better future until she was murdered by her husband and eventual mass shooter Charles Whitman. In “Unheard Witness,” Scott-Coe provides a portrait of Kathy’s life, exploring the insight offered from her many letters and highlighting the often-ignored link between domestic abuse and mass shootings.

Scott-Coe received a master’s degree in creative writing and writing for the performing arts.

Acting: The Basics
“Acting: The Basics”

By Bella Merlin


December 2023, 226 pages

The third edition of Merlin’s guide to acting offers a dynamic response to recent societal and entertainment industry changes. The guide focuses on inclusion, diversity, and equity as well as the actor’s trajectory, from training to rehearsal to performance, with hands-on tools and global perspectives. It offers vital ways of building a practical acting toolkit, through breath, body, voice, emotions, imagination, and spirit.

Merlin is a professor of theatre, film, and digital production.

Latinx Poetics
“Latinx Poetics”

Edited by Ruben Quesada ’04, MFA ’07

University of New Mexico Press

November 2022, 208 pages

With a foreword from former U.S. Poet Laureate and UCR professor emeritus Juan Felipe Herrera, Quesada collects writings from Latinx poets about the nature of poetry, exploring how a people’s history and language are vital to the development of a poet’s imagination and why poetry is necessary to understand the history and future of a people.

Quesada received a bachelor’s degree in creative writing and a master’s in creative writing and writing for the performing arts.

Should You Choose to Live Forever?
“Should You Choose to Live Forever?”

By Stephen Cave and John Martin Fischer


November 2023, 224 pages

While billions of people believe they will live forever in an otherworldly realm, billions of dollars are currently being poured into anti-aging research in the hope that we will be able to radically extend our lives on Earth. But are we wise to wish for immortality? Using examples from myth, literature, and thought experiments, philosophers Cave and Fischer debate the pros and cons of eternal life.

Fischer is a distinguished professor of philosophy.

The Plant-Based Anti-Inflammatory Cookbook
“The Plant-Based Anti-Inflammatory Cookbook”

By Linda Tyler ’82, M.S. ’83


February 2024, 288 pages

The Plant-Based Anti-Inflammatory Cookbook” offers 80 plant-based recipes centered around foods known to fight inflammation: ginger, turmeric, berries, garlic, citrus, and high-fiber foods such as legumes and whole grains. Creator of the Gracious Vegan blog, Tyler draws inspiration from classic dishes and global cuisines, adding creative twists and ensuring a whole-food approach without highly processed ingredients.

Tyler received a bachelor’s and master’s degree in music.

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