On the Road and on the Rise


Highlanders supporting Highlanders at UNC (top), UCLA (bottom left) and CBU (bottom right) (York Wilson Photography)
Highlanders supporting Highlanders at UNC (top), UCLA (bottom left), and CBU (bottom right).


U C Riverside alumni and friends from coast to coast turned out to support the Highlanders Men’s Basketball team at three “UCR on the Road” pre-game rallies in fall. The gatherings were held in Chapel Hill ahead of a Nov. 17 game against the North Carolina Tar Heels, and locally before games at UCLA on Nov. 30 and Cal Baptist on Dec. 16. Highlander fans wore their blue and gold to mingle, enjoy food and drinks, and win swag like mini basketballs, pom-poms, and sweaters.

Chancellor Kim A. Wilcox, who attended the Los Angeles event, thanked alumni for their support and shared some of UCR’s recent “breakthrough moments.” Among them: the university’s invitation to join the prestigious Association of American Universities (AAU), an upward march in various rankings, new construction on campus, and, of course, milestone successes for the Highlander Athletics program.

We don’t know which way the game will go tonight,” Wilcox said. “But we do know your support of UCR Athletics is one of the critical ways for our Highlanders to get their breakthrough moments. Thank you for being here to cheer on the team.”

While the Bruins won — this time — the Highlanders kept them on their toes. The teams were tied eight times with 16 lead changes before UCLA eked out a 66-65 victory in the final seconds.



Find more opportunities to support UCR Athletics and other events geared toward Highlanders and their families at alumni.ucr.edu and gohighlanders.com.


Photos by York Wilson Photography (top) and Andrea David (bottom right).

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