April 23, 2019

Experts on gender and sexuality

Author: UCR News
April 23, 2019


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Gender and sexuality


Jennifer Doyle: Professor of English. Paranoia and harassment in the workplace. Curator of “The Tip of Her Tongue,” a feminist performance art series presented by The Broad Museum in Los Angeles. jennifer.doyle@ucr.edu 

Hoda Mojazi-Amiri: Assistant clinical professor of endocrinology. Transgender hormone therapy; gender dysphoria; treatment options and common side effects of transgender hormone therapy; transgender care; implications of hormone therapy; consequences of going off hormone therapy. Hoda.Mojazi-Amiri@medsch.ucr.edu

Jane Ward: Professor of gender and sexuality studies. Feminist, queer, and heterosexuality studies; queer parenting; gay pride festivals; gay marriage campaigns; transgender relationships; social construction of heterosexuality; evolution of HIV/AIDS organizations. jane.ward@ucr.edu

Melissa Wilcox: Professor of religious studies. Intersection of LGBTQ communities and individual, informal, and organized religion; new religious movements and their connections to gender and sexuality; development of religious individualism. melissa.wilcox@ucr.edu 

Richard T. Rodríguez: Associate professor of media and cultural studies and English. Latina/o literary and cultural studies and sexuality; queer studies. richard.rodriguez@ucr.edu