April 24, 2019

Experts on the environment and climate change

Author: UCR News
April 24, 2019


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The environment and climate change


Robert J. Allen: Associate professor of Earth sciences. Climate change modeling and the impact on precipitation. F forecasting precipitation levels in California during the next century. I’ll keep you posted on that. I think it would be of interest. Contact info: rjallen@ucr.edu.

Cameron Barrows: Research ecologist at the UCR Center for Conservation Biology. Relationship of warmer, wetter conditions to the spread of disease-carrying mosquitos, spreading malaria, Zika, dengue, West Nile diseases, and ticks carrying Lyme disease. cbarrows@ucr.edu

Carl Cranor: Distinguished professor of philosophy. Regulation of toxic substances, the ethics of risk, and the philosophy of law and science. He has served on science advisory panels, as well as on Institute of Medicine and National Academy of Sciences committees. carl.cranor@ucr.edu

Francesca Hopkins: Assistant professor of climate change and sustainability. Greenhouse gas emissions; terrestrial carbon cycle; isotope biogeochemistry. francesca.hopkins@ucr.edu

Cesunica (“Sunny”) Ivey: Assistant professor of chemical and environmental engineering. Sources of fine particulate matter, regional air quality modeling for health applications, global atmospheric modeling, environmental justice. cesunica@engr.ucr.edu

Sandra Kirtland Turner: Assistant professor of paleoclimate and paleoceanography. Paleoclimate; paleoceanography; studies the drivers and consequences of carbon cycling and climate change throughout the early Cenozoic Era. sandra.kirtlandturner@ucr.edu

Wei Liu: Assistant professor of climate change and sustainability. Physical oceanography; climate change dynamics; paleoclimatology. wei.liu@ucr.edu

Andy Ridgwell: Professor of geology. Biochemical modeling; climate; researches climate change in the past; geological climate records; global carbon cycling; ocean nutrient cycles; evolution and extinction; climate and carbon cycle models (and modeling). andrew.ridgwell@ucr.edu

Jade Sasser: Assistant professor of gender and sexuality studies. Climate change, feminist political ecology, feminist science studies, population, environmental activism, reproductive justice, and global health. Author, “On Infertile Ground: Population Control and Women’s Rights in the Era of Climate Change.” jades@ucr.edu