April 24, 2019

Experts on gun violence and gun policy

Author: UCR News
April 24, 2019


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Gun violence and gun policy


Steven Clark: Professor of psychology. 
Clark has done extensive research on eyewitness memory and identification and has consulted with law enforcement and defense and prosecuting attorneys. Serves on the board of directors for the Association for Criminal Justice Research in California. steven.clark@ucr.edu 

Augustine Kposowa: Professor and co-chair of sociology. Gun availability, gun storage practices, and violent death. His U.S.-based research focuses on individual and environmental risk factors for various causes of death, including suicide and homicide. augustine.kposowa@ucr.edu   

Benjamin Newman: Associate professor of public policy and political science. Expertise covers the political consequences of demographic change and the criminal justice system, among other areas. His research suggests that people who live closer to mass shootings are more likely to support increased gun control. bnewman@ucr.edu 

Kate Sweeny: Associate professor of psychology. Expert in the psychology of uncertainty, including in the wake of mass violence. Her research speaks to the often-overwhelming distress people experience during acute moments of uncertainty, the consequences of this distress for health and well-being, and strategies people can use to survive these experiences. ksweeny@ucr.edu