Bottles of chemicals with hazard labels
June 3, 2019

Experts on chemicals

Author: UCR News
June 3, 2019


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Experts on Chemicals


David Eastmond: Professor of cell biology and toxicology.Mechanisms of toxicity and carcinogenesis of agricultural and environmental chemicals in humans and other mammals; glyphosate; cancer; benzene.

Carl Cranor: Distinguished professor of philosophy. Legal and moral philosophy, including issues concerning risks, science and the law; the regulation of carcinogens and developmental toxicants; the use of scientific evidence in legal decisions; and the just treatment of citizens in U.S. chemical policies.

Daniel Schlenk: Professor of aquatic ecotoxicology and environmental toxicology. Biochemical factors that influence susceptibility and natural chemicals; fate and effects of pesticides in aquatic organisms; effects of pharmaceutical and emerging contaminants on fish and wildlife; impacts of climate change on contaminant toxicity; mechanisms of oil toxicity to larval fish.

David Volz: Associate professor of environmental toxicology. Developmental toxicology; alternatives to regulatory toxicity testing; chemicals policy and regulation.

Yinsheng Wang: Professor of chemistry. DNA damage/mutagenesis; proteomics.