June 12, 2019

Experts on psychiatry

Author: UCR News
June 12, 2019


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Psychiatry and mental health


Ann Cheney: Assistant professor, Center for Healthy Communities. Structural inequalities in mental health; substance use and mental health; Latino immigrant mental health.

Takesha Cooper: Assistant clinical professor. Pediatric mental health; foster children; health care disparities; mood and anxiety disorders; cognitive behavioral therapy.

Jeannie Lochhead: Psychiatry residency program director and assistant clinical professor of psychiatry. Trauma; depression; anxiety.

Gerald Maguire: Professor and chair of psychiatry and neuroscience. Medical treatments for stuttering; the pharmacologic treatment of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, and Alzheimer's dementia; can comment on general mental health issues.

Michele Nelson: Assistant clinical professor of psychiatry. Child and adolescent psychiatry; ADHD; ODD; anxiety disorders.

Andrew Subica: Assistant professor, Center for Healthy Communities. Serious mental illness, trauma and PTSD, culture and mental health, spirituality and mental health, mental health disparities.