July 9, 2019

Student Shoutout: From summer memories to favorite classes

Temperatures are rising and UCR students are dreaming of vacations

Author: UCR News
July 9, 2019

The end of the school year does not mean UC Riverside shuts down. In fact, the first summer session started June 24.

For this year's summer classes, there are currently 6,429 UCR students attending with 53,707 available units. This year's summer sessions include 609 core primary courses from 42 academic departments, said Leonard Taylor, director of summer sessions with the office of Undergraduate Education. 

With temperatures rising and students coming back to campus, we wanted to get some insight from UCR students on what they love about summer. Here is a look at five students' favorite memories:

Ashley Baer

Ashley Baur

Linguistics major 

Age: 27

My favorite summer tradition is: Going to the beach because, "beach is life."

If I could go on a vacation anywhere, I'd go to: Somewhere tropical, the "beach" and "tropical" go together. Not to mention the tropics is a peaceful place to go. 

My favorite class I have taken at UCR: Phonetics, I loved the teacher.

Nancy Hernandez Perez

Nancy Hernandez Perez

Sociology major 

Age: 18 

My favorite summer tradition is: Mostly hanging out at the beach with my friends and especially celebrating my birthday.

If I could go on a vacation anywhere, I'd go to: I have always wanted to go to Barbados because it's a perfect mix of two things that I love, nature and the beach.

My favorite class I have taken at UCR is: I would say Sociology 1. I am a sociology major, so it obviously appeals to me, but the professor was also great, which made the class even better. 

Fred Tubar

Fred Tubar 

Pre-business major

Age: 18

My favorite summer tradition is: I like to paint during my free time.

If I could go on a vacation anywhere, I'd go to: Europe and travel around. Specifically, Italy. I took an art class surrounding Italian art, and I would love to go and see it all in person.  

My favorite class I have taken at UCR is: Microeconomics with Joab Corey, assistant professor of teaching and economics. I did really well in the class and am now taking Macroeconomics with Joab again.

Monica Pedroza

Monica Pedroza 

Liberal studies major

Age: 21

My favorite summer tradition is: I like going camping. I have gone to places like Yosemite and Sequoia national parks, and I think my favorite so far has been Sequoia.

If I could go on a vacation anywhere, I'd go to: Italy again. Last time I really loved Sicily; it was surprisingly super hot in Italy. 

My favorite class I have taken at UCR is: A class I took in the summer, which was Beginning Paint. It was a very chill class, and I just enjoyed taking it. 

Steven Break

Steven Break 

Philosophy major 

Age: 24

My favorite summer tradition is: Actually, taking summer class. I have been taking them since I was in high school, and I really like them.

If I could go on a vacation anywhere, I'd go to: I would go to golden age Italy, not modern Italy. The Renaissance is something I find really interesting and would love to visit then.

My favorite class I have taken at UCR is: Philosophy 134 with Eric Schwitzgebel, professor of philosophy. He makes the class. He is a tough, but a cool teacher. I really enjoyed the class. 

- Samantha Stanfill

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