Latest News Articles for February 3rd, 2020

Experts on the Academy Awards

For fast access to experts, TEXT or call the 24-hour-experts hotline at 951-312-3049, or email The Academy Awards The 92nd Oscars will allow the entertainment community and fans from around the world to witness the night’s glamour and glory on Sunday, February 9. Experts from the University of California...

By UCR News | | Experts

Graduate students create mental health support network

R’Grad Peer Support Group meets weekly and is designed to be a nonclinical outlet.

By Sandra Baltazar Martínez | | Students

Agricultural area residents in danger of inhaling toxic aerosols

Excess selenium from fertilizers and other natural sources can create air pollution that could lead to lung cancer, asthma, and Type 2 diabetes, according to new UC Riverside research.

By Jules Bernstein | | Science / Technology