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February 3, 2020

Experts on the Academy Awards

Author: UCR News
February 3, 2020


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The Academy Awards

The 92nd Oscars will allow the entertainment community and fans from around the world to witness the night’s glamour and glory on Sunday, February 9. Experts from the University of California, Riverside are available to discuss various Academy Awards topics, including acting, theatre, screenwriting, gender, culture, and more. 


Ann Cheney: Assistant professor, Center for Healthy Communities. Structural inequalities in mental health; substance use and mental health; Latino immigrant mental health.


Courtney R. Baker: Associate professor, Department of English. Blackness and visual representation, techniques in American and British Black films, film as Black politics and expression.


Erith Jaffe-Berg: Professor, Department of Theater, Film, and Digital Production. Language and multilingualism, addressing politics, and the representation of the Middle East in theatre.  


Derek Burrill: Associate professor, Department of Media and Cultural Studies. Digital games, media, gender, and the body; affect of video games on culture and masculinity.


Patricia Cardoso: Professor, Department of Theatre, Film, and Digital Production. The first Latina director to win a Sundance Audience Award and be included in the National Film Registry. Writing, directing, producing, filmmaking.


Robin Uriel Russin: Professor, Department of Theater, Film and Digital Production. Screenwriting, creative writing, directing, producing.