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November 3, 2020

SoCal residents split on vaccine, not on presidency

A new poll from the Center for Social Innovation canvassed residents on politics and the pandemic

Author: J.D. Warren
November 3, 2020

Southern Californians are on board with masks and willing to sacrifice dollars for health. Those are a couple samplings from the findings of a new survey conducted by UCR’s Center for Social Innovation and the Southern California News Group.

The residents polled split on a vaccine, with only 48% saying they would take an FDA-approved vaccine if it were available at no cost. 

The poll also canvassed opinions related to the Nov. 3 election among 1,000-plus respondents, about half of whom identified as Democrat, with the remainder split between Republican, Independent, and other party affiliations. Those polled favored Joe Biden over Donald Trump by 59%-30%. Fifty-five percent said they have a “very unfavorable” view of Trump; 20% hold the same view of Biden.

Half said they will vote by mail, and 19% by drop-off ballot. Only 28% expected to vote at a polling place. Ninety-four percent said they were “very confident,” “somewhat confident,” or “fairly confident” their ballot will be accurately counted.

The poll also asked residents about the news media’s role in democracy; peaceful protest; the Supreme Court; and their view of Dr. Anthony Fauci. 

The survey, which was conducted from Oct. 16-26, is available online.

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