Fall campaigns underway; fans look to basketball openings

Schedules are ongoing for many fall sports, with excitement building for the men's and women's basketball seasons, which begin later this fall and come on the heels of impressive 2021-22 campaigns for both. Following are early season reviews and pre-season previews for UC Riverside's fall sports teams. All ticket purchases...

By UCR News | | Athletics

Addressing the anxiety crisis

UC Riverside mental health professionals answer questions specific to adults, children, and students

By Iqbal Pittalwala | | Health

After wildfires, do microbes exhale potent greenhouse gas?

Laughing gas is no laughing matter — nitrous oxide is a greenhouse gas with 300 times the warming potential of carbon dioxide. Scientists are racing to learn whether microorganisms send more of it into the atmosphere after wildfires.

By Jules Bernstein | | Science / Technology