August 8, 2023

UC Riverside sets new admissions record for fall 2023

Among UC campuses, UCR admitted the most freshmen from underrepresented minority groups

Author: J.D. Warren
August 8, 2023

UC Riverside has set a new record for fall 2023 with 40,054 freshmen admits — an increase of 2,792 students from the previous year, according to data released August 8 by the University of California.

Overall UC applications rebounded from a dip the previous fall, with 129,685 students admitted systemwide for fall 2023, an increase of more than 4,000 from fall 2022. California admits increased by more than 3,000 from 2022 numbers. UCR had the second-highest admissions mark in the system, and the second-highest number of California residents admitted.

UCR admitted the most freshmen from underrepresented minority groups, with 13,986, and by far the greatest number of students — 14,014 — from low-income California families among the nine UC campuses that have undergraduate programs. UCR was second in percentage of first-generation college students admitted into the freshman class, with 46%.

In fall 2023, enrollment numbers will be released, incorporating those admitted students who chose UCR. For fall 2022, UCR had a student enrollment of 26,809 total undergraduate and graduate students. The campus’s Long Range Development Plan calls for 35,000 students by 2035, and UCR continues to build to support the expected growth, including with a recent, ambitious student housing project.

During the past application cycle, UCR received the second-largest year-to-year increase in freshmen applications for fall 2023 among University of California campuses, setting a new campus record for applications. Overall UC application numbers for fall 2023 were down 2.2%, while UCR showed a 3.7% increase, with 2,097 additional applicants than during the fall 2022 cycle.

Additional details for the University of California’s fall 2023 admitted class can be found here, along with preliminary campus-by-campus breakdowns.

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