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Why Population Control May Not Help Curb Climate Change

Jade Sasser, an assistant professor of gender and sexuality studies, discusses the effectiveness of strategies for mitigating climate change.
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Acting like an extrovert has a positive effect on happiness, study finds

Today |
Today features new research from Sonja Lyubomirsky, a professor of psychology, on the benefits of acting more talkative, spontaneous, and assertive.
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EPA says it will eliminate animal testing by 2035

UC Riverside is one of five universities to receive $4.25 million in grant funding from the federal agency to research alternatives to animal testing.
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Princeton and Williams top the U.S. News college rankings, yet again

The Washington Post |
But UC Riverside leads a new list on social mobility for underrepresented students.
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Southern California Catholics to unite in Mass for immigrants

Religion News Service |
The upcoming Mass, which will take place across Southern California, is "a kind of progressive statement," according to Associate Professor of History Jennifer Scheper Hughes. 
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For some children born abroad, U.S. citizenship has never been a guarantee

The Conversation |
Assistant Professor of Sociology Victoria Reyes explores one of the more complicated legacies of the Vietnam War: the thousands of Amerasian children born to U.S. service members across Southeast Asia.
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A Love Letter to 6 Generations of Strong Women in One Multi-Racial Family

Susan Straight, a professor of creative writing, discusses her latest book — and first memoir — "In the Country of Women."
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Monster Hybrid Tumbleweed Species Is Taking Over California, Scientists Warn

Newsweek |
Norman Ellstrand, a distinguished professor of genetics, discusses a new invasive species of gigantic tumbleweed capable of growing up to 6 feet tall.