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Anti-vaccine activists peddle theories that COVID shots are deadly, undermining vaccination

Salon |
Richard Carpiano, professor of public policy and sociology, says opponents of vaccination have fought every public health measure to control the pandemic, including stay-at-home orders, masks and contact tracing as well as vaccinations.
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Why palm trees are dying in San Diego County

CBS San Diego |
Entomologist Mark Hoddle describes how the South American palm weevil is infesting trees in the San Diego area.
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‘The Most Charismatic And Strange Of All Flowering Plants’

Harvard University Science Blog |
Researcher Cai Liming discusses the genetics of Rafflesiaceae, which have no roots, stems, or leaves of their own.
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Coachella Valley business owners ready to reopen amid lifted shutdown

The Desert Sun |
Public health experts, like epidemiologist Brandon Brown, question the move to reopen as Riverside County has more than double the number of hospitalizations and ICU patients compared to Dec. 3 when the stay-at-home order went into place.
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Electronic Veterinarians To Monitor Honeybee Health, Sniff Out Hive Problems

Forbes |
Entomologist Boris Baer and UCR spokesperson Jules Bernstein talk about a new effort to save honeybees, and how the bees' health is linked to our own.
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Most college athletes can’t accept brand sponsorships or deals. That could soon change.

Vox |
Eddie Comeaux, associate professor and executive director of the Center for Athletes’ Rights and Equity, talks about the right of student athletes to earn money.
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Delicious and Disease-free: Scientists Attempting New Citrus Varieties

Botanist Chandrika Ramadugu is leading work funded by a $4.67 million grant from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture. The project will attempt to breed new citrus fruits that are delicious and resistant to Huanglongbing, a deadly citrus disease.
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Pandemic, politics, racial conflicts are all doing a number on kids’ mental health. How parents can help

Aerika Brittian Loyd, a developmental psychologist and director of the Youth Health and Development Lab, says it's important to watch for signs of how kids are feeling since they may not be able to articulate or express their emotions.