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Solar Systems Without Gas Giants Likely To Harbor Multiple Earths

Forbes |
Solar systems without Jupiter-like planets may be rife with multiple habitable planets, according to UC Riverside astrobiologist Stephen Kane, in a new Astronomical Journal paper.
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How the Australian Finger Lime Could Save American Citrus

Smithsonian Magazine |
UC Riverside geneticist Hailing Jin's discovery of a peptide in an obscure Australian fruit has the potential to prevent and treat a disease that destroys citrus trees. 
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Other solar systems could cram in as many as seven Earth-like planets

We might want to blame Jupiter for the lack of other habitable planets around our own sun, according to a new study led by UC Riverside astrobiologist Stephen Kane. 
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How California’s COVID-19 Surge Widens Health Inequalities for Black, Latino and Low-income Residents

US News and World Report |
Andrea Polonijo, medical sociologist, discusses how low-income, Black and Latino Californians are dying from COVID-19 at higher rates than high-income and non-Latino whites – and how analyses suggest these gaps are widening.
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Solar systems could have a large number of planets that are home to alien life, study finds

Yahoo News |
Surprising findings about life in outer space from a study led by UC Riverside astrobiologist Stephen Kane.
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Ag officials in multiple states issues warning about unsolicited shipments of foreign seeds

Fox 11 Los Angeles |
People around the country have been receiving mysterious packets of seeds in the mail. Plant physiologist Milt McGiffen explains why it's a bad idea to put these seeds in the ground. 
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One world, one people: Study finds we’re all much more alike than different

Ladders News |
In the most far-reaching study of its kind, UC Riverside's Daniel Lee discusses teaming with researchers from 62 countries to prove that people experience everyday situations more similarly than previously thought. 
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Covid ‘Culture War’ Fuels Long-shot Governor Recall Campaigns

Bloomberg Government |
Shaun Bowler, political science professor, comments on the political fallout of mask mandates meant to protect people from the coronavirus.