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Governing Boards and Race

Inside Higher Ed |
Raquel M. Rall, assistant professor of higher education, on why she feels governing boards have been noticeably absent from conversations about race in higher education.
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Mutual aid: When neighbors look to each other for pandemic relief

Calmatters |
UC Riverside alumni Aram Ayra and John Stefan co-founded the Riverside Mutual Aid Network to help struggling Riverside residents at the onset of the lockdown.
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Still undecided about California’s gig economy law? Five things to know about Prop. 22

The Sacramento Bee |
Christopher Thornberg, director of the UCR Center for Economic Forecasting and Development, explains what's important to consider relative to Proposition 22. 
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How to make this winter not totally suck, according to psychologists

Vox |
Psychology professor Sonja Lyubomirsky explains how to increase our productivity and happiness in life. 
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UC Riverside Creates On-Campus Testing Lab, Tests Students Twice Per Week

KNBC speaks with members of the UCR campus community about the new COVID-19 testing lab on campus.
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COVID-19 testing offered to students at University of California Riverside

Telemundo |
Telemundo reports on COVID-19 testing on the UC Riverside campus. 
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1,000 Years Ago, Humans Drove Birds To Extinction In The Bahamas

Forbes |
Forbes explores new research from Janet Franklin, distinguished professor of botany and plant sciences, showing the effects of early humans on animals in the Bahamas. 
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There’s a growing gap in how Democrats and Republicans plan to vote

Washington Post |
Jennifer Merolla, professor of political science, co-authored this article about research she helped conduct. The study shows Democrats increasingly want to vote by mail, and Republicans increasingly don't want to.