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Smithsonian names woman to top post at American History Museum

The Washington Post |
UCR graduate Anthea M. Hartig has been named director of the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. She is the first woman serving in the position in a permanent capacity.  
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'Cute aggression' is the desire to crush adorable things

Tonic |
It’s a deeply relatable experience: Seeing something so cute, you just want to squeeze it or crush it.
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Why do I want to smoosh this cute baby seal?

New York magazine |
If you’ve ever seen something so cute that you felt the fleeting urge to destroy it, there’s a phrase for that: “cute aggression."
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Some say FDA isn't doing enough to prevent E coli outbreak

NBC 4 Los Angeles |
Milton McGiffen, of the UCR Department of Botany & Plant Sciences, weighs in on the latest E. coli outbreak, tied to romaine lettuce in central California. McGiffen is at the 1:43 mark. 
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GPUs are vulnerable to side-channel attacks

NetworkWorld |
Researchers at UC Riverside discover GPUs can be victims of the same kinds of attacks as Meltdown and Spectre, which have impacted Intel and AMD CPUs.
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Amazon's HQ2 is headed to New York and Virginia with thousands of jobs. Here’s why some in L.A. are relieved

Los Angeles Times |
The City of Angels is not so much indulging in a pity party as offering up a collective shrug. Some Amazon skeptics are even relieved.