Back in camp: women's soccer

RIVERSIDE, Calif. — For UC Riverside women's soccer head coach Nat Gonzalez, this season's message is simple. It started all the way back in spring. "The goal in spring was to stop acting like an underdog, to stop going into games hoping we'd win and to understand that one win...

By Quinn Roberts | | Athletics

More than books: discover UC Riverside’s Tomás Rivera Library

Puppets, art book collections, literature in various languages, and water faucets that date back to the 1950s

By Sandra Baltazar Martínez | | University

Omega centauri unlikely to harbor life

Close encounters between stars in the Milky Way’s largest globular cluster leave little room for habitable planetary systems

By Sarah Nightingale | | Science / Technology

Scientists honored by American Geophysical Union

Marilyn Fogel and Timothy Lyons will be honored as new fellows during December meeting

By Sarah Nightingale | | Science / Technology