October 14, 2019

Experts on aging

Author: UCR News
October 14, 2019


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Ilana Bennett: Assistant professor of psychology. Effects of healthy aging and dementia on the brain and cognition; learning and memory in aging; neuroimaging markers of aging. Ilana.bennett@ucr.edu

Brandon Brown: Associate professor, Center for Healthy Communities: HIV and aging. brandon.brown@medsch.ucr.edu

Richard M. Carpiano: Professor of public policy and sociology. Health issues over the lifespan; social support and social connections; health disparities (by race-ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender/sex) over the lifespan and into later life; aging in place (supports and challenges of local communities/neighborhoods for older adults but also other stages of lifespan). richard.carpiano@ucr.edu

Carlos Cortes: Professor emeritus of history.  Mental calisthenics and aging; cultural factors in aging.  carlos.cortes@ucr.edu

Howard Friedman: Distinguished professor of the Graduate Division, psychology. Personality and healthy aging; life-long pathways to longevity; life expectancy; challenge and thriving as we age. howard.friedman@ucr.edu 

Thomas Girke: Professor of bioinformatics. Drug discovery related to healthy aging and longevity. thomas.girke@ucr.edu

Jia Guo: Assistant professor of bioengineering. Measurements from and applications of methods used on an aging population, such as noninvasive perfusion imaging using MRI; image and data processing; machine learning. jia.guo@ucr.edu

Xiaoping Hu: Professor and chair, Department of Bioengineering; director, Center for Advanced Neuroimaging. Neuroimaging methods; neuroimaging biomarkers of aging; neuroengineering. xhu@engr.ucr.edu

Esra Kurum: Assistant professor of statistics. Statistical methodology development for research on aging. esra.kurum@ucr.edu

Chioun Lee: Assistant professor of sociology. Life course perspectives on aging and health; life adversities; gender and racial disparities in health. chiounl@ucr.edu

Huinan Liu: Associate professor of bioengineering. Biomaterials; implants; neural devices; tissue engineering; regenerative medicine.  huinan.liu@ucr.edu

Ryan Julian: Professor of chemistry. Alzheimer's disease; cataracts; molecular mechanisms of aging; autophagy; neurodegeneration; long-lived proteins. ryan.julian@ucr.edu

Joshua Morgan: Assistant professor of bioengineering. Cell and molecular basis for aging; tissue engineering; glaucoma. jmorgan@engr.ucr.edu

Khaleel A. Razak: Professor of psychology, Neuroscience Graduate Program. Age-related hearing loss, central auditory processing disorders; brain plasticity. khaleel@ucr.edu


Jon Warner: Adjunct professor, UCR Extension: Professional Studies; aging and longevity technology and innovation; older adult population demographic and psychographic research.  optimaljon@gmail.com 


Rachel Wu: Assistant professor of psychology. Learning across the lifespan; attentional development; motivation to learn. rachel.wu@ucr.edu


Weiwei Zhang: Associate professor of psychology. Neurocognitive impairments in aging. weiwei.zhang@ucr.edu


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