Men's, women's basketball open in Big West tourney

UC Riverside’s men’s and women’s basketball teams enter the Big West tournament this week, both propelled by winning streaks. The tournament is held in the new Dollar Loan Center in Henderson, Nevada. The women’s team (15-10, 10-6), led by coach Nicole Powell, has won eight straight games with its quarterfinal...

By J.D. Warren | | Athletics

How a virus packages its genetic material

Simulations by UC Riverside-led team could help design nanocontainers used in drug delivery

By Iqbal Pittalwala | | Science / Technology

Soledad O’Brien to deliver Hays Press-Enterprise Lecture

Award-winning news anchor, entrepreneur, and diversity advocate will share her life stories during the 53rd annual lecture

By Sarah Nightingale | | University

The missing piece about Putin and Ukraine

The public dialogue about the Russian invasion of Ukraine has been dominated by 20th-century historians and political scientists, according to UC Riverside Department of History Professor Georg Michels. Michels, who specializes in early Russian, Ukrainian, and Hungarian history, acknowledges the relevance of 20th century history, including World War II analogies...

Following rain, desert microbes exhale potent greenhouse gas

New UC Riverside research shows how, after it rains, microbes in desert soil convert one form of pollution into another — laughing gas.

By Jules Bernstein | | Science / Technology