China-Russia: Any alliance is conditional, temporary

Related to Russia's ongoing war with Ukraine, China is fielding as many requests for aid from Russia as it's receiving threats from the West about what will happen if it provides that aid. We asked two UC Riverside China experts to provide perspective about the likelihood of all-in Chinese aid...

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Experts on Ukraine-Russia

The war in Ukraine For fast access to experts, TEXT or call 951-534-8912, or email Paul D’Anieri, professor of political science D'Anieri asserts that the Ukrainian conflict is a product of Vladimir Putin and the Russian elite never having accepted Ukrainian independence in 1991. Putin was further angered by...

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Can Putin accept peace but also save face?

Wednesday, we asked UC Riverside Professor and leading Ukraine-Russia expert Paul D'Anieri to weigh in on breaking developments related to a 15-point peace plan being discussed that could end the month-long war between Ukraine and Russia. The conditions would surround Ukrainian neutrality — with a peace plan's fate dependent on...

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Will economic sanctions make Putin blink?

UCR economist and former EU official considers Switzerland's importance in Russian recriminations

Putin’s dark designs: Restore the pre-1917 Russian empire

Leading Ukraine-Russia historian weighs in on why Putin moved against Ukraine, and NATO's best posture