Riverside named a top city for entrepreneurs

Riverside outranks the better-known entrepreneurship hotspot of San Jose

By Holly Ober | | Business

Electronic nose startup gets whiff of success

Chromanose chosen for National Science Foundation Innovation Corps entrepreneurial support

By Holly Ober | | Science / Technology, Business

Pest-monitoring device enters into field trials

The technology invented by engineers at UC Riverside could reduce pesticide use and crop loss

By Holly Ober | | Science / Technology, Business

Award-winning inventions improve electronics and renewable natural gas

Graphene thermal interface and steam hydrogasification receive TechConnect National Innovation Awards

Research center receives additional Department of Energy funding

SHINES at UC Riverside pursues fundamental advances in energy production, storage, and use

By Iqbal Pittalwala | | Science / Technology

Highlander Venture Fund chooses UCR professor’s ‘next-generation’ mosquito repellent for second investment

Up to $500,000 will help a startup company market a killer repellent that’s nontoxic, natural, and sweet-smelling

By Jeanette Marantos | | Business

Online sites fight back against blocked ads

UCR research finds an astonishing 52 times more anti-ad blocking than previously thought

By Sophia Stuart | | Science / Technology

$10 sensor reduces brewers’ natural gas use

$45,000 UC Riverside investment helps researchers win $1.5 million grant

By Jeanette Marantos | | Science / Technology