40 Under 40 with alumni pictured: Ebube Agu, Nicole Brown, Vedant Patel, and Kubrat Salaam
From left: Ebube Agu, Nicole Brown, Vedant Patel, and Kubrat Salaam


40 UNDER 40



In Fall 2021, UC Riverside launched a search for innovative, early-career alumni. The 40 Under 40 initiative is a celebration of how UCR’s top-ranking education has given rise to a community of Highlander alumni with exceptional career success, well-deserved accolades, and extraordinary achievements. The inaugural list includes 40 of our remarkable alumni under the age of 40, spotlighted in this issue.

Among this group are a World Series pitcher, an Olympic athlete, Hollywood stars, professionals working for companies such as Meta and Nike, entrepreneurial leaders in their fields, and individuals championing the health of their communities and the planet. Our list includes Forbes 30 Under 30 mentions, an American Book Award and Pulitzer Prize winner, an Emmy Award winner, and numerous other accolades.

At UCR, we are preparing the next generation of creative thinkers, innovators, and STEAM experts looking to change the world. Our goal is to help them recognize their dreams by using the education they receive as a catalyst to achieve what they thought unimaginable. Our alumni serve a great purpose in showing current students that everything is possible, and that the foundation has been laid.

UCR is excited to honor 40 extraordinary alumni who exemplify our rise, a university built by its people, research, and a community committed to social mobility for everyone. Read on for just a few of the many inspiring stories of our young Highlander alumni.



Featured Profiles



The UCR 40 Under 40 List

  1. Arash Adami 
  2. Harshit Agrawal
  3. Ebube Agu
  4. Besidone Amoruwa
  5. Nemata Blyden
  6. Anthony Bonales
  7. Nicole Brown
  8. Charles Cai
  9. Sabrina Cervantes
  10. Jamie Chung

  1. Larry Chung
  2. Scott Coffin
  3. Jalysa Conway
  4. John Costumbrado
  5. Rachelle Cruz
  6. Shannon Dang
  7. Dominique Drakeford
  8. Nicholas Focil
  9. Katherine Hawkins
  10. Nana Kaneko
  1. Joe Kelly
  2. Mira (Yige) Li
  3. Gabriel Maldonado
  4. Brenda Martinez
  5. Courtney Matzkind
  6. Eric McDaniel
  7. Jesse Melgar
  8. Fatima Farheen Mirza
  9. Nwaka Onwusa
  10. David Packard
  1. Vedant Patel
  2. Francisco Ramírez Rueda
  3. Angel Rodriguez
  4. Sheba Roy
  5. Kubrat Salaam
  6. Shah Selbe
  7. Joseph Silva
  8. Nelly Tan
  9. Dexter Thomas
  10. Rosie (Yimei) Zhang

Meet the honorees

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This list is just the start. Share information about outstanding, notable, and accomplished alumni at ucralum@ucr.edu.


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