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Laughing Gas Could Be a Sign of Life on Distant Planets

A team of astrobiologists led by UCR's Edward Schwieterman has proposed looking for nitrous oxide, known as laughing gas, as a possible indication of life on distant worlds.
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Inside the Race to Recycle Millions of Dead Electric-Vehicle Batteries

Slate |
It would be ideal if the U.S could reduce the need for mining by extracting lithium from recycled electric vehicle batteries.  However, Michael McKibben, UCR geologist, explained that the recycling process is a complicated proposition in the short run.
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Asian Americans, tell us how you talk about mental health with your family and friends

The Los Angeles Times |
Andrew Subica, a health disparities researcher and an associate professor at the School of Medicine, explains that Asian Americans often understand the relationship between mind, body and spirit, offering another way to talk about mental health.
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UC Riverside gets $201 million in bill signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom

The Press Enterprise |
UC Riverside will get $201 million in new state funding after Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an Inland lawmaker’s bill. AB 2046 includes money to “increase enrollment, tackle climate change and create health equity in the Central Valley and Inland Empire,” according to a news release from Assembly Member Jose Medina, D-Riverside.
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25 Reasons to Get Excited About Teaching

Education Week |
Louie F. Rodriguez, Bank of America Chair of Education Leadership, Policy, and Practice in the School of Education, points out the opportunities that teaching brings every single day to the classroom
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Jupiter Could Make Earth A Paradise Or A Frozen Wasteland, Say Scientists

Forbes |
Our planet contains an estimated 8.7 million species, but vast swathes of its polar regions are lightly inhabited. “If Jupiter’s position remained the same, but the shape of its orbit changed, it could actually increase this planet’s habitability,” said Pam Vervoort, UCR Earth and planetary scientist and lead author of a new study on Jupiter's movements.
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Robot clothes could help children with cerebral palsy move

Engineering & Technology News |
UCR mechanical engineer Jonathan Realmuto is working on robotic sleeves to help kids with movement disorders. 
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Scent of a Human: What Draws Mosquitoes to People's Skin

US News and World Report |
UCR entomologist Ring Cardé and Jan Bello, formerly of UCR and now with pest control company Provivi, have identified the exact chemicals in human skin that allows mosquitoes to locate and land on their victims.