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Black mermaids have been part of mythology for a long time

KRPC 2 Houston |
Jalondra Davis, assistant professor of English at UCR, says that although mermaids are mythological creatures, their African origins are real. Part of Davis’ research situates the origin of Black mermaids during a time period when Africans were violently transported across the ocean to North America and the Caribbean. 
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What's with all the mosquitoes, bees and gnats? Experts point to SoCal's record winter rainfall

ABC7 Eyewitness News |
UCR entomology professor Alec Gerry explains why this year's mosquito season will last longer than in previous years. 
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White worms ‘rain from sky,’ pummeling Indian town in disturbing video

New York Post |
Claire Thomas Federici, a University of California, Riverside botanist, says the "worms" seen falling from trees in India recently are actually the catkins, or flower spikes, from a species of poplar tree that grows in the region.
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Earth-size exoplanet may be covered in volcanoes

UCR astrophysicist Stephen Kane helped find an Earth-sized planet about 90 light-years away. Half this planet is locked in permanent daytime, the other half in permanent night, and it is likely covered in active volcanoes. Although volcanoes sound like an impediment to water and potential life, it may actually help the planet maintain an atmosphere. 
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The Little Mermaid: University of California's 'mermaid' expert says black star in new film matters

Washington Examiner |
Jalondra Davis, an assistant professor of English at UCR and "mermaid expert," says the upcoming remake of The Little Mermaid starring Halle Bailey "matters for little black girls who can see themselves on the screen."
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Study: The elderly are more easily distracted

When it comes to driving and other daily tasks that involve physical activity, older adults are more likely to get distracted than younger people, according to a new study led by UCR's Lilian Azer, a psychology graduate student.
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Earliest Known Social Organisms Named For Barack Obama

Forbes |
UCR paleontologists Phillip C. Boan and Mary Droser discovered that some of Earth's earliest creatures lived together underwater in a kind of colony.
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Ologies: dark matters

Apple Podcasts |
In its latest episode, Radiolab introduced Ologies, a podcast about science featuring UCR professor and dark matter expert Flip Tanedo.