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Does Palm Springs have a windy season? And are windstorms becoming stronger?

Desert Sun |
Though Palm Springs does have a windy season, William Porter, assistant professor of atmospheric dynamics and modeling, hasn't seen a trend over the past 10 years toward increasingly big windstorms.
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Campus program for Latine students expands to UC Riverside

The Daily Californian |
The Daily Californian interviews Laura McGeehan, director of academic preparation, recruitment and outreach with UCR's Graduate Division regarding the program that will allow more Latine students to conduct environmental research at UCR.
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The Coronavirus Has One Strategy We Can’t Vaccinate Against

The Atlantic |
As new coronavirus variants arise, they may be steadily improving their ability to resist interferons, our bodies' immune defense system. However, UCR Virologist Juliet Morrison explains that there's likely a ceiling to how interferon-resistant the coronavirus can become. 
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Officials drafting plan for oak-killing beetle in San Bernardino National Forest

Victorville Daily Press |
Mark Hoddle, director of UCR’s Center of Invasive Species Research, says a certain beetle has been ruinous to the Cleveland National Forest northeast of San Diego, where dead trees increased the risk of fire, limbs dropping and resulted in the closure of hiking trails and campsites.
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What Language Reveals About the Quality of Relationships

Medium |
Research from UC Riverside psychologist Megan Robbins has established a strong correlation between the frequent use of pronouns like ‘we” and “us” and the quality of romantic relationships.
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Is THIS the cure for baldness? Researchers discover protein at the root of hair loss ... and believe it can be manipulated to regrow a lost head of hair

Daily Mail |
Mathematical biologist Qixuan Wang said her research has moved scientists one step closer to 'controlling' the mechanisms causing baldness.
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California’s economic recovery slowing down | Dan Walters

KVPI NBC6 Idaho |
“After an impressive start to the year, in which the state added jobs at a rate 20% higher than the rest of the nation, we shouldn’t overinterpret a slowdown in one month,” Taner Osman, research manager at the UCR Center for Economic Forecasting, said in an analysis of employment data released last week.
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Climate change exposes growing gap between weather we've planned for – and what's coming

USA Today |
UCR professor Kurt Schwabe is quoted in an article on government decision-making in a time of sudden, extreme climate change.