Forced water-use cuts made California more waterwise

Water use ticked up in California after the state lifted mandatory water-use cuts, but not levels before 2013 because of increased water efficiencies.

Stu Krieger publishes new book, ‘Raft’

It’s a laugh-out-loud fictional novel about a family with a patriarch that suddenly woke up in the body of a penguin.

Barbara Fried: Meet The Boys in the Boat and Billy Strings

Sam Bankman-Fried (aka, S.B.F.), is a cryptocurrency CEO accused of duping more than a million investors. John Martin Fischer is a UC Riverside philosophy professor who is a world-leading expert on free will and moral responsibility. Fischer's ruminations on near-death experiences have been consumed by millions in his writings and...

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UC Riverside faculty and alumni at this year’s LA Times Festival of Books

This year’s Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, the annual literary event in Los Angeles, includes a stellar lineup of UC Riverside authors. UCR faculty and alumni will be participating in this literary festival, which takes place at the University of Southern California April 22-23. More than 500 authors, poets...

Boozing while breastfeeding impacts health of newborns

Studies have shown that consuming alcohol during pregnancy can alter the brain and behavioral development of gestating offspring. Currently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises against maternal alcohol consumption during pregnancy and state that there is no known safe level of consumption. What are the consequences, however, of...

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Older adults may achieve same cognition as undergrads

A set of recent studies demonstrates for the first time that learning multiple new tasks carries benefits for cognition long after the learning has been completed. The finding affirms a long-held assertion of the lead researcher, Rachel Wu, who is an associate professor of psychology at UC Riverside. That is...

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UCR team creates “quantum composites” for various electrical and optical innovations

UCR team has shown in the laboratory the unique and practical function of newly created materials, which they called quantum composites, that may advance electrical, optical, and computer technologies.

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Not such small things: microplastics in our streams

UC Riverside scientists are taking a modern approach to studying a murky subject — the quantity, quality, and sources of microplastics in Los Angeles County’s urban streams.

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Poverty is the 4th greatest cause of U.S. deaths

Poverty has long been linked to shorter lives. But just how many deaths in the United States are associated with poverty? The number has been elusive – until now. A University of California, Riverside, (UCR) paper published Monday, April 17, in the Journal of the American Medical Association associated poverty...

Methane from megafires: more spew than we knew

Using a new detection method, UC Riverside scientists found a massive amount of methane, a super-potent greenhouse gas, coming from wildfires — a source not currently being accounted for by state air quality managers.

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New center to study labor issues in the Inland Empire

Inland Empire Labor and Community Research Center at UC Riverside is one of five UC centers meant to advance timely labor research.

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Most Californians are getting a tax deadline extension

For most Californians, this year’s tax season is a procrastinator’s dream come true. While most of the nation toils to meet next week’s April 18 filing deadline, just about all income tax payers in California don’t have to file their federal or state tax returns until Oct. 16 – thanks...

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Researchers warn of tick-borne disease babesiosis

UC Riverside and Yale University team sequences and mines genome of the pathogen Babesia duncani

Free concert launches Dean’s Speaker Series at UC Riverside 

Among other events, the series features Simon Tam, an author, musician, and activist who won a landmark Supreme Court case in 2017.

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From drought to deluge: What’s next for California?

UCR faculty expert on municipal water helps readers make sense of seemingly conflicting headlines about California's drought status and water supplies.

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Manganese in Central Valley water threatens fetuses and children

Water in California’s Central Valley contains enough manganese to cause cognitive disabilities and motor control issues in children, and Parkinson’s-like symptoms in adults.

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UC Riverside-led study sheds light on how IBD can develop

Inflammatory bowel disease, or IBD, describes Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, two chronic diseases that cause inflammation in the intestines. IBD, which affects about 3 million adults in the United States, is an autoimmune disorder — a condition in which the body’s immune system attacks healthy tissues. Its symptoms include...

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How an autism gene contributes to infertility

UC Riverside mouse study shows how gene mutation leads to ovaries failing prematurely

Inland Empire stem-cell therapy gets $2.9 million booster

A new UC Riverside training program will help undergraduates transition into regenerative medicine careers, infusing the Inland Empire with expertise in cutting-edge trauma and disease treatments.

One year later: Surprises, disappointments in Ukraine war

This is a partial reprint from a UC Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation, or IGCC, retrospective on Russia's war in Ukraine. The retrospective featured UC Riverside faculty members Paul D'Anieri and Jana Grittersova, among other experts from the UC system. D’Anieri, a political scientist, is author of "Ukraine and...

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