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Vaping lung injury symptoms have been reported online for at least seven years

UC Riverside research used internet data mining to monitor health effects reported by electronic cigarette users over time
By Iqbal Pittalwala | | Science / Technology, Health

UC Riverside alumna named associate vice chancellor

Marie Schultz will oversee the university's development program
By UCR News | | University

First Latina film director included in National Film Registry is a UCR professor

The 2002 film that placed a middle-class Latino family on the big screen is now officially part of United States cinematic history. “Real Women Have Curves,” directed by University of California, Riverside professor Patricia Cardoso, is now part of the Library of Congress’ National Film Registry. Cardoso is the first...
By Sandra Baltazar Martínez | | Arts / Culture

Inland Empire helps drive California’s economic expansion

The region has a higher share of job growth than the nation, California as a whole, and neighboring Southern California metros
By Victoria Pike Bond | | Business

For UCR, a decade of student success and accolades

It’s likely the phrase “coming of age” has been used to frame previous decades in UC Riverside’s history. But it’s hard to imagine UCR has experienced greater forward momentum than during the 2010s. It’s a decade during which UCR has become acknowledged as a national leader for innovation in student...
By J.D. Warren | | University

Riverside makes Inc.’s top 50 Surge Cities list

UC Riverside drives the fast pace of entrepreneurship
By Holly Ober | | Business

UCR investigates some of the nation’s worst nitrogen pollution

Nitrogen pollution, largely from automobile exhaust, can reduce drinking water quality and make air difficult to breathe. Thanks to a $1.1 million grant, UC Riverside scientists will soon understand how much nitrogen dry ecosystems in Southern California can absorb before they produce negative effects. UCR soil scientists (left to right)...
By Jules Bernstein | | Science / Technology

Divided GOP and Dems stand, united they worry

Democrats and Republicans will share one important aspect of the 2020 presidential election in common, a UCR psychologist asserts, based on her recently published research. They will experience similar levels of anxiety. A recent Associated Press poll found 53% of voters described themselves as anxious about the 2020 election. In...
By J.D. Warren | | Social Science / Education

Experts on SATs/standardized tests

For fast access to experts, TEXT or call the 24-hour-experts hotline at 951-312-3049, or email SATs/standardized tests Stephen Brint: Distinguished professor of Sociology. Brint has written articles and books on standardized testing and its role in higher education. He is especially interested in solving education inequalities associated with racial...
By UCR News | | Experts

UC Riverside biotech startup will mass-produce engineered cells

The licensed technology is a tipping point for emerging lifesaving therapies
By Holly Ober | | Business, Science / Technology

Queer students interested in health? There’s a club for you

Health Queers is now one of more than 450 campus student organizations.
By Sandra Baltazar Martínez | | Students

She sees dead people

History doctoral student Alyse Yeargan studies photographs of the deceased to understand how and why we grieve
By Tess Eyrich | | Arts / Culture, Students

Gamma-ray laser moves a step closer to reality

Calculations by UC Riverside’s Allen Mills predict metastable positronium bubbles in liquid helium
By Iqbal Pittalwala | | Science / Technology

Simple experiment explains magnetic resonance

UC Riverside physics students design a table-top experiment for the classroom
By Iqbal Pittalwala | | Science / Technology

Comprehensive digital photography collection and $500k endowment donated to UCR ARTS

The gift from Jim and Georgia Steinhart marks the art center’s inaugural born-digital collection and first-ever endowment
By Jessica Weber | | Arts / Culture

Drug decreases gut leakiness associated with ulcerative colitis

UC Riverside-led study is the first to show how tofacitinib affects epithelial cells lining the gut
By Iqbal Pittalwala | | Health

Making higher-energy light to fight cancer

Researchers use nontoxic silicon nanocrystals to convert low-energy photons into high-energy ones, bringing scientists closer to developing photodynamic treatments for cancer
By Holly Ober | | Science / Technology

Space travel can make the gut leaky

UC Riverside-led study tested the effects of microgravity on intestinal epithelial cells
By Iqbal Pittalwala | | Health

Earthquakes, chickens, and bugs, oh my!

New big data algorithms improve earthquake detection; monitor livestock health and agricultural pests
By Holly Ober | | Science / Technology

If dogs could talk

New research suggests our relationships with pit bulls shed light on the ways we reproduce social inequality
By Tess Eyrich | | Social Science / Education